Generate more leads with the Justia Lawyers + integration
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Generate more leads with the Justia Lawyers + integration

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Quick summary of Justia Lawyers

The purpose of Justia Lawyers is to advance the availability of legal resources for the benefit of society. In particular, Justia Lawyers's team focuses on creating free and easy-to-find primary legal materials and community resources on the Internet.

The company provides Internet users with free jurisprudence, codes, regulations, legal articles and legal blogs and Twitter databases, as well as additional community resources.

Justia Lawyers works with educational organizations, public interest organizations and other socially focused organizations to bring legal and consumer information to the online community. In addition, Justia Lawyers offers premium online marketing, blogging and marketing solutions to help law firms optimize their marketing and provide its customers with a greater level of information and services.

Quick summary of is an easy-to-use software that helps you increase engagement with your audience. Consequently, you can boost sales and conversions through your entire business’ sales funnel and pipeline.

By gathering data about your customers, allows you to automate the communication with your users with a simple drag & drop editor, in order to send emails, chat messages, SMS, and pop-ups. also offers the possibility to rewrite the content of the page to suit user interests, showing more customized forms and pop-ups.

The platform also includes an integrated CRM system for streamlining the manual sales process and knowledge base creation tool that facilitates the support procedures. also offers analytics and reporting features that enable you to reach your business goals with data-in-hands.

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