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PHOBS / PandaTS (TF)

Streamline your data management process with the PHOBS + PandaTS (TF) integration

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Quick summary of PHOBS

PHOBS is an advanced booking technology provider for hotels, resorts, campsites, hotel chains worldwide. Specializing in the sale of resorts and remote seasonal properties, PHOBS offers a series of tools as a tour operator that can easily convert your web page into the best performing sales channel.

PHOBS philosophy is total flexibility in the creation of prices, packages and sales policy through the application of innovative sales tools and an extremely user-friendly interface.

The PHOBS suite includes a fully integrated CRS, a multilingual booking engine, a distribution hub, a booking application and much more.

Quick summary of PandaTS (TF)

What you can do with PHOBS and PandaTS (TF)

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