Sometimes... a little tech trick is the best thing

DevLeads is a tool designed for tech marketers and developers to keep up with the demand and scale their needs fast using Webhooks integrated with your CRM or Email software.

Webhooks became famous for their flexibility. Use them to automate your lead generation needs as well

LeadsBridge creates web hooks that can be easily integrated with your CRM or Email software. Whatever need you have, LeadsBridge has a web hook (and an integration) for that ;)


With the CRM or Email Software you love

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Integrate your Webhooks


How does it work?

Create a bridge

Create your LeadsBridge Webhook and connect it to your CRM.

Be creative

Leads register in whatever place you have in mind.


LeadsBridge Webhook will store leads into your CRM, as soon as they register.

One tool, endless possibilities

For tech marketers who are looking for a flexible ally for their specific needs.

For enterprise that are looking for a simple solution without making significant changes

For developers that want a reliable tool for the company’s needs.

Use the power of Webhooks for your Lead Generation needs. Start automating your flow today!