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How to connect FeedBlitz with LeadsBridge

Integrate FeedBlitz with LeadsBridge



FeedBlitz is the only all-in-one service combining email marketing, social media and RSS feed management.

In this article, you'll learn how to connect your LeadsBridge account with FeedBlitz.

Connect FeedBlitz integration

Before you start

  1. Head over to the left sidebar and click on the Create new Bridge button
  2. Select your integrations in the selectors
  3. Click on the Continue button at the bottom right

Authorize FeedBlitz integration

Setup your FeedBlitz integration

  1. Click on Connect FeedBlitz
  2. Click on Create new integration to connect your FeedBlitz (or select an existing one from the dropdown if you already connected it)
  3. A popup wil be opened where you can authorize the FeedBlitz integration
  4. Fill API Key field to connect FeedBlitz with LeadsBridge
  5. Click on the Authorize button
  6. You can choose a name for this FeedBlitz and LeadsBridge integration (you can also edit it later)
  7. Once done, click on Continue button and you will get back to the bridge experience where you could choose additional integration settings
  8. Now that your FeedBlitz is connected, you can continue with the set-up of your bridge

Configuration details for FeedBlitz

How to get API Key

Login inside your FeedBlitz, look under "My Account | profile", click API Keys and click "Request an API Key". The API Key will be sent from FeedBlitz support.

Which entity concepts we support for FeedBlitz

With LeadsBridge you may use these entity concepts for FeedBlitz.

  1. Subscriber

    A subscriber is a person who has arranged to receive or access a service.
    FeedBlitz manages RSS feeds and then turns them into automated emails, Tweets and Instant Messages to subscribers. ( Learn more)

Which segmentation concepts we support for FeedBlitz

With LeadsBridge you may use these segmentation concepts for FeedBlitz.

  1. Syndication

    The Syndication allows managing your blog’s feeds for emailing to subscribers. To put FeedBlitz on your blog, you will work with the syndication option.

Common questions for FeedBlitz

Can I tag my lead?

If you want to tag your leads while sending them to your FeedBlitz account, you can add fixed values inside the Hidden Fields step of the Lead Ads bridge. 1)Click on the bridge to edit it 2)Go until the “Hidden Fields” step 3)Match the field “Tags” with the correspondent values. 4)Click on “Next” until the “Summary” step. 5)Publish it again and you’re done! Leadsbridge allows matching different tags as a unique value, only separating them by a comma.

Do you need help?

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