1. Integrate Pipelinedeals with LeadsBridge

Integrate Pipelinedeals with LeadsBridge

Pipelinedeals is a complete solution that combines a CRM software and a Sales Productivity

Pipelinedeals is a complete solution that combines a CRM software and a Sales Productivity platform. It is suitable for businesses and organizations that want to monitor all the team activities, from sales to marketing, including events and tasks.

In this article, you'll learn how to connect your LeadsBridge account with Pipelinedeals.

Connect Pipelinedeals integration

  1. Head over to the left sidebar and click on Integrations
  2. Click on the Add New button
  3. Enter a recognizable name for your integration
  4. Click on the Browse button
  5. Select "Pipelinedeals" from the providers list
  6. Click on the Next button
  7. Enter API Key to connect Pipelinedeals with LeadsBridge
  8. Click on the Finish button

How to get the API Key

Which entity concepts we support for Pipelinedeals

  1. Contact

    Information about your customers
  2. Lead

    A potential client, person or company, that actively shows interest in your product or service.
  3. Deal

    Types of offers that you can customize and send to your customers.

Which segmentation concepts we support for Pipelinedeals

With LeadsBridge you may use these segmentation concept for Pipelinedeals.

  1. Tag

    Tags allow you to organize and group your Subscribers based on actions, interests or more
  2. Lead Source

    A list’s origin
  3. Saved Search

    Saved searches allow you to search for companies, offers and people previously searched by name. It also allows you to search for companies and people by e-mail address and telephone number.

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If you have any further questions regarding this matter, or if you need help to set up the connection between Pipelinedeals with LeadsBridge, do not hesitate to get in touch!