Generate more leads with the 10to8 + CDK Lightspeed EVO integration
10to8 / CDK Lightspeed EVO

Streamline your data management process with the 10to8 + CDK Lightspeed EVO integration

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Quick summary of 10to8

10to8 is an online booking system that helps you communicate with customers more efficiently and easily, so you can prevent non-submissions and scheduling conflicts.

This tool can attract more customers to companies that depend on appointments such as beauty and salons, tutors and teachers, sports and fitness, traders and professional services. The cloud app also offers business-level features for volume appointments.

Beyond scheduling appointments, 10to8 guides customer traffic and increases revenue. It is free and scalable according to increasing needs.

Quick summary of CDK Lightspeed EVO

What you can do with 10to8 and CDK Lightspeed EVO

Create new CDK Lightspeed EVO leads with 10to8

Update CDK Lightspeed EVO leads with 10to8

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