Generate more leads with the Dubsado + PandaTS (RB) integration
Dubsado / PandaTS (RB)

Generate more leads with the Dubsado + PandaTS (RB) integration

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Quick summary of Dubsado

Dubsado is a client management system for the entrepreneur. Submit contracts, invoices, process automation, project management and more.

Dubsado also offers a CRM service and other customer management tools that offer lead tracking or the ability to send contracts and proposals.

Finally, Dubsado allows the use of lead monitoring, billing, electronic signature and automation at the same time.

Quick summary of PandaTS (RB)

What you can do with Dubsado and PandaTS (RB)

Create new PandaTS (RB) leads with Dubsado

Update PandaTS (RB) leads with Dubsado

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