Generate more leads with the Firebird + Database integration
Firebird / Database

Generate more leads with the Firebird + Database integration

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Quick summary of Firebird

Firebird is a relational database that offers many standard ANSI SQL features that runs on Linux, Windows and Unix. This tool offers excellent competition, high performance and powerful language support for stored procedures and triggers.

The Firebird Project is commercially independent, consisting of C and C ++ programmers, technical consultants and advocates who develop and improve a multiplatform relational database management system based on the source code released by Inprise Corp (now known as Borland Software Corp) on July 25 2000.

Moreover, anyone can build a custom version of Firebird, as long as the modifications are made available, under the same IDPL licensing, for others to use and build on. No fees for download, registration, licensing or deployment, even you distribute Firebird as part of your commercial software package.

Quick summary of Database

A database is an organized collection of structured information or data, generally stored electronically in a computer system.

An essential benefit of using databases is the security of having control from a database management system (DBMS). Together, the data and the DBMS and the applications associated with them are referred to as database systems, often abbreviated to databases only.

The data within the most common types of databases in operation today is typically modeled in rows and columns in a series of tables to make data processing and querying efficient. The data can, therefore, be easily accessed, managed, modified, updated, checked, and organized. Most databases use structured query language (SQL) to write and query data, which is undoubtedly an excellent reason to use this technology.

What you can do with Firebird and Database

Create new Database rows in tables - views with Firebird

Update Database rows in tables - views with Firebird

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