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Freelancer / Facebook Conversions API

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Quick summary of Freelancer is a freelance and crowdsourcing marketplace used by over 25 million users. The platform is also utilized by talents from all over the world, giving businesses and entrepreneurs a global pool of competitive freelancers. With this software, employers can find the talent they need to do various jobs such as social media marketing, data entry, website design, and more.

Moreover, ensures that job posters are protected. The platform has allows employers to monitor their hires to make certain that they are working on the contract during billable hours. On top of that, they can also maintain constant communication with their collaborator on the web or on-the-go with the platform’s mobile app. In, employers have a wide range of freelancers available to them. The platform provides them with an avenue to find the best talent for a project. They have access to a pool of workers who are competitive and who bid to offer them their services.

Employers can easily narrow down their talent search on The freelancer marketplace has a Preferred Freelancer Program that tags elite-level workers. This allows the employer to seek a talent from the best of the best to ensure the finest outcome for their project. Some employers prefer hourly contracts so has put in place milestone settings. These allow the employer to set milestones a freelancer has to reach before they are able to receive payments. This assures employers that workers provide what is due to them. Additionally, makes certain that transactions made on the platform are protected. This means that card payments and even electronic payments are handled securely to protect all parties involved.

Quick summary of Facebook Conversions API

Facebook Conversions API is a Facebook business tool that allows users to share key Web and offline events or customer actions, directly from its servers to those of Facebook.

Facebook Conversions API works with Facebook Pixel to improve the performance and measurement of Facebook advertising campaigns.

Facebook Conversions API allows users to send web events from their servers directly into Facebook. Moreover, Server Side events are linked to a pixel and are processed as browser pixel events. This means that server-side events are used in the measurement, reporting, and optimization in the same way as browser pixel events.

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