Generate more leads with the University Careers 360 + Facebook Conversions API integration
University Careers 360 / Facebook Conversions API

Streamline your data management process with the University Careers 360 + Facebook Conversions API integration

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Quick summary of University Careers 360

University Careers360 is data-enabled and technology-driven Educational Products and Services Company, Careers360 seamlessly integrates millions of student and institutional data points with the user generated preferences of its more than 15 million monthly visitors, to build sophisticated Prediction and

Recommendation products for the students to explore and achieve career plans, based on their interests and abilities.

Driven by a members young team, Careers360 offer 250+ courses and have 250+ products, from exam preparation to college recommendation, used by over 15 million students every month. Experts help students, parents, policy makers, educationists and academics in taking informed decisions.

Quick summary of Facebook Conversions API

Facebook Conversions API is a Facebook business tool that allows users to share key Web and offline events or customer actions, directly from its servers to those of Facebook.

Facebook Conversions API works with Facebook Pixel to improve the performance and measurement of Facebook advertising campaigns.

Facebook Conversions API allows users to send web events from their servers directly into Facebook. Moreover, Server Side events are linked to a pixel and are processed as browser pixel events. This means that server-side events are used in the measurement, reporting, and optimization in the same way as browser pixel events.

What you can do with University Careers 360 and Facebook Conversions API

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