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Customer success story

Riksja Travel

Riksja Travel is a Travel Agency that helps customers build their individual tours thanks to the presence of expert travel consultants.


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Cost Per Leads

The goal

Riksja Travel created a bucket list in Typeform with a selection of 20 destinations and asked people which 3 top destinations they would put on their wish list. Participating people got a 50 euro discount per person for their next trip booked at Riksja Travel. Thanks to the integration between LeadsBridge and Typeform, Riksja Travel was able to send highly personalized content to its customers, managing to obtain 14.925 new e-mail addresses, and the Cost per Leads was 1€.

We need to be top of mind.

“In December and January as a travel company, we need to be top of mind. It is THE time of the year in which most of the people look for inspiration for their next trip and start planning. We wanted to do something low-key to reach a large target group. We worked together with Qatar Airways and a travel magazine in the Netherlands to set up a Bucketlist campaign. We reached almost 1.000.000 people with this campaign. In order to use the nice feature of Typeform but also sent personalized campaigns based on their bucket list items, we’ve found LeadsBridge. This gave us the opportunity to connect Typeform to Dotmailer and gain 14.925 new email addresses with 1€ of the Cost per Leads and the average turnover per booking it’s about € 600.000.”

Serik Slobodskoy

Success story provided by Venture Automotive

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