Your best asset, finally in a safe place

Organizing a conference or a seminar requires lots of efforts and represents a solid way to build trust with people.

The same people that, after the event would love to keep in touch with you.

If events are an asset for you...
why leave attendees out of your Email Marketing tool?

LeadsBridge takes care of your events pushing leads into your Email software so you can keep them engaged and close deals. Start a relationship with your attendees, not just a one-night thing.







With your current CRM or Email Software

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How does it work?

Create a bridge

Create a bridge between EventBrite or any other tool you use with your Email tool.

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Attendees register to your conference, summit or seminar.


LeadsBridge will store them into your Email tool, as soon as they register.

You are on the stage... in all senses

Amaze attendees with a better communication, not only on the stage.

Let your business grow by keeping in touch with your attendees.

Easily automate the boring tasks. Do not import CSVs, sync as they come in.

Organize live events and build your list.

Event registrations are just the beginning.
Attendees are an asset of your business, keep them engaged storing them into your Email software