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TimeTrade / Sales Creatio - formerly bpm online

Streamline your data management process with the TimeTrade + Sales Creatio - formerly bpm online integration

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Quick summary of TimeTrade

Timetrade is a SaaS solution for effective online appointment scheduling, which is easy-to-use and fast to deploy across enterprises. It makes it simple to deliver sales that are appointment-driven, and offers personalized services for a variety of businesses, including but not limited to retail banking, consumer retail, and sales. It offers on-demand personalization for an exceptional customer experience, as it guarantees users that they will be served by a qualified and knowledgeable employee. The solution unifies the customer journey, allowing businesses to hold personalized conversations with them through different channels. Timetrade helps businesses to move customers from social media or online browsing to a live-conversation. It offers appointment scheduling, reporting and queue management as a secure cloud solution, which is scalable as well as modular.

With TimeTrade, staff can access the full power of the software from Salesforce, allowing growth of accounts and faster closing of deals. It allows leveraging company’s investment on Salesforce platform via the ‘Scheduler for Salesforce’. Marketing teams can place the links for appointments online, which amplifies lead generation through website, social media as well as email campaigns. This results in the generation of more qualified leads, which are passed directly to Salesforce. Timetrade allows staff to instantly schedule and manage meetings, eliminating the need for detecting free time across different calendars.

Timetrade’s omnichannel scheduling allows prospects and customers to conveniently and easily schedule their appointments using different channels, including mobile devices, web, text, voice or even company’s customer-facing app. The software powers live customer conversations and aims to improve the customer experience through different channels, including phone, online, and in-person communication. It helps creating a service that improves customer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention, ultimately resulting in improved sales and revenues. The analytics module provides insightful and actionable information, and helps in making the best decision from a business perspective. The interactive dashboard and data-rich reporting provide actionable and clear visibility into the success of marketing campaigns and customer engagements.

Quick summary of Sales Creatio - formerly bpm online

Sales Creatio - formerly bpm’ online, is a unified cloud-based CRM software and intelligent BPM platform for the automation of marketing, sales, and services. This tool is designed to meet the needs of medium and large companies, allowing them to manage the customer lifecycle, from lead to sales and customer service, without interruption.

Sales Creatio - formerly bpm’ online offers users the ability to view marketing, sales, and service activities through a single CRM platform. Sales Creatio - formerly bpm’ online provides three integrated products, which can be used separately or in a single CRM package: Marketing Creatio, Sales Creatio, and Service Creatio.

Sales Creatio - formerly bpm’ online can be deployed on-demand as a cloud-based or on-site solution, where data is hosted internally on the company's servers. In both cases, users can access the platform using a web browser or mobile app. The system is compatible with both Windows and iOS.

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