Generate more leads with the Unbounce Popup + Velocify integration
Unbounce Popup / Velocify

Generate more leads with the Unbounce Popup + Velocify integration

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Quick summary of Unbounce Popup

Unbounce is a leading landing page builder software since 2009 that helps you design beautiful, high converting landing pages, opt-in forms and now pop-ups. Unbounce products enable you to enhance your marketing experience to better reach out to your potential customers, by collecting their data online.

With Unbounce, you are able to improve your customers’ on site experience which is a huge business booster. Unbounce has recently introduced a new feature: Unbounce Popups.

Unbounce Popups help you get more conversions on any website, blog or online store. Using targeted popups, you can drive revenue, capture leads and direct users to your high-converting pages without bugging your developers or making changes in your website.

Quick summary of Velocify

Velocify is a sales software that allows you to improve your sales team productivity and achieve your business goals faster. With Velocify, you can easily manage your leads and clients to close more deals and sales by optimizing your entire sales process. Velocify offers a wide range of tools and services designed to satisfy all your business’ needs.

Velocify pulse helps your sales teams respond quickly and adequately when needed, connecting everyone who works within your business environment to the right team member and distributing the leads. With Velocity Pulse, it’s easier to follow up with your new prospects and connect with them at the right timing, which is necessary to improve your sales team performances.

Velocify Lead Managemen allows you to increase your lead conversion rates by managing incoming leads and optimizing the sales team’s workflow. Velocity engages for those who run retail or purchase mortgage businesses to help you managing referral partnerships. Velocify Dial-IQ is a sales dialer that helps sales reps be more productive, drive more conversions, and close more deals.

What you can do with Unbounce Popup and Velocify

Create new Velocify leads with Unbounce Popup

Update Velocify leads with Unbounce Popup

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