Customer success story


Almundo is the Regional Omni-Channel Travel Company with more than 70 branch offices worldwide. Almundo offers personalized attention and Contact Center 365 days a year.

The Goal

Being a Travel company, Almundo's main goal for Q2 was to drive sales by increasing their active subscriber lists in at least 20% at a very challenging target CPL. All of this while managing the campaigns in-house.

The Result

+ 6%


+ 20%

Active Subscribers

+ 1.2 %

Conversion Rate

Product used

logo75x75.png LeadsBridge
Facebook Lead Ads

We met our performance KPIs!

“We will keep using Facebook Lead Ads and Leadsbridge connected with our marketing tools. The possibility to create exciting, on-brand experiences to expand our audiences in an escalable fashion and meet our performance KPIs. We were also able to work with some great partner brands to get our users engaged and motivated about the idea of travelling. We’re now working towards trying to integrate Easypromos and Leadsbridge. ”

Eduardo Pocai Almeida