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Customer success story

Drive Lah

Drive Lah is a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform that allows users to rent other people’s cars, offering the opportunity to share or rent vehicles.


Lead Conversion Ratios

The goal

Drive Lah’s goal was to develop a unique lead conversion strategy. Using LeadsBridge Drive Iah has managed to create seamless connections between Facebook and Intercom. Thanks to this integration, Drive Lah was able to generate leads that were then synchronized with Intercom on an ongoing basis for retargeting. This has helped drastically improve lead conversion ratios up to 82%.

We take our Lead Conversion at scale

“We strongly rely on marketing automation to build efficiencies in our execution. This effort with Leadsbridge and Facebook really helped us scale up one of the key aspects of our business and improved lead conversion by 82%.”

Gaurav Singhal, Cofounder – Drive Lah

Success story provided by Venture Automotive

Venture Automotive is digital first ad agency built on delivering a strong suite of digital products for its diverse dealer base which consists of major Dealer Groups with multiple rooftops, Franchise dealers and multiple location independent dealerships.

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