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Green Egg Chef

Mike “Green Egg Chef” is a blogger, barbecue and grilling lover. Through his blog, he offers tips and techniques to help people cooking delicious recipes with the Big Green Egg.


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Cost per Subscriber

The goal

Email subscriber growth was slow when using typical strategies like driving traffic to a blog post and hoping they’d subscribe through an optin box or popup. Once they started using lead ads, list growth exploded!Trying to acquire emails with optins with popups and boxes on site was getting them emails for about $2. With LeadsBridge and Facebook lead ads, they’ve dropped that to under $.50 for the lifetime of the campaign. And in the last month, they’re below 15 cents per email!

Exceeded even my most optimistic expectations!

“We’ve added thousands and thousands of email subscribers for a very low cost and in a very short time span. It’s exceeded even my most optimistic expectations!”

Green Egg Chef

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