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Customer success story

Jaziel Exposito — CV Global

Christian Vision (CV) as an international charity founded in 1988 by Lord Edmiston, a successful Christian businessman in the UK with the aim to use his business experience and resources to engage in evangelism, leadership training, and ministry opportunities around the world.

The goal

Jaziel Exposito: “We were trying to increase our mailing list size. Has been growing in a great way and it automatically gets added to Mailchimp so I don’t have to even worry about it. Just send the newsletters, run the ads, and the people are added every day.”

This is a great tool to have and depend on daily!

“When I first found out about lead ads available on facebook I searched for a way to get the leads sent automatically to our CRM. I tried not adding the cost of an automatic integration like leadsbridge, but sufferred drastically with people at my work not wanting to do the extra work of grabbing the leads. By the time we resopnded or dealt with our new leads they had gone dry and cold. Now with leadsbridge we are able to “get them while they’re hot” and respond while they still know who we are. People see so many things on Facebook that the memory can be affected quickly. Now we get them with our newsletter quickly and respond to inquiries quickly via our email CRM. This is a great tool to have and depend on daily!”

Jaziel Exposito – Marketing Manager

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