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Customer success story

Kayak Pools Midwest

Based in Indianapolis since 1994, Kayak Pools Midwest has delivered backyard vacations to over 4,000 locations throughout America’s heartland.




New Leads

+$3.1 M

Revenue increase

The goal

The goal was to create and run lead generation ad campaigns for 2 clients that sell swimming pools and that were new to digital advertising. The agency’s goal (Statablue) for kayak on Facebook was to generate WARM, qualified leads for their call centers to reach back out to.

Fewer leads going cold meant more sales for the client

“Leadsbridge allowed us to immediate integrate Facebook Ads into the clients CRM. This cut down the time from lead to call significantly. Since there is rapid time decay on high value items like pools when dealing with lead forms, LeadsBridge greatly reduced the number of leads that would go cold, since the call center reps were able to get In touch with them faster. Fewer leads going cold meant more sales for the client.”

Gary Campbell Dealer Principle R&R Sales Inc

Success story provided by StrataBlue

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