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Leboha is an e-commerce for wellness products run by Brett and Rochelle, a husband + wife team (plus two kiddos and a pup). Leboha translates to “thankful” in a native language of South Africa.

The Goal

The goal was to grab conversions with a giveaway to help build both mailing list and following. The first campaign was a conversion campaign leading to a landing page, which obtained a $1.13 cost per conversion. By testing the same campaign with Facebook Lead Ads and LeadsBridge (with the exact same ad, copy, and targeting) the company went from $1.13/conversion to $0.17/conversion.

The Result


Cost per lead

- 85%

Cost per conversion

Product used

Products used

logo75x75.png LeadsBridge
Facebook Lead Ads

The results speak for themselves

“My clients were very excited and motivated by these results. Since the end of this campaign we've done all their other campaigns using LeadsBridge. The results truly speak for themselves.”

Becky Burgess - CEO of Splash Owl Media

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