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Customer success story

More Angles

More Angles is a family-owned boutique with a passion for jewelry and accessories, inspired by natural curves and quality natural materials woven into a synergy of craftsmanship.


New Leads Generated


Cost per Lead

The goal

More Angles’ goal was to drive traffic to the online store via a Giveaway post. The target audience was similar to the demographics of their customers. Indeed More Angles has succeeded in generating quality contacts of people genuinely interested in their products, jewels, and accessories, expanding their mailing list.

Super Exciting

“Our main goal was to drive traffic to our online store via a Giveaway post. The campaigns we have created have worked smoothly and successfully! We used LeadsBridge to generate leads through the gift campaign and link them to our e-commerce marketing platform: Klaviyo. And it worked perfectly!”

More Angles

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