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Omira Bar & Grill

Located just a few short blocks from Santa Fe's Historic Plaza, the State Capital, and the Downtown Business District, Omira Bar & Grill is one of the top restaurants in Santa Fe, known for its culinary excellence and internationally inspired dishes.

The Goal

The objective of the campaign was basically building an email list. Business strategist Tom Condit says: "We ran an free dessert campaign and birthday campaign using upcoming birthday targeting. The dessert campaign generated 150 opt-ins in just 15 days. Our cost per lead was like less than $2 and we had like 30k impressions. Now they can re-market to this list over and over. We've got names, emails, phone number and birthdays. We can do all kinds of marketing like voice drops, mass text messages as well as good email marketing."

The Result


Days of campaign




New leads


Cost per lead

Product used

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Facebook Lead Ads

“Clients were hesitant because like a lot of businesses they don't understand clicks and how to turn them into customers. They don't care about the vanity metrics, they just want to see an ROI. They were amazed by how quickly the optins started coming in. We also got new reviews coming in as well. It was literally on autopilot with some minor tweaking in the targeting. The first day we had 10 and that remained steady for days and tapered off slightly. The engagement was pretty high as well. Facebook really is a great way to get these users taking action on your offer. It builds visibility as well which is priceless. If the restaurant is having a slow night, now they can message all their "special" subscribers and offer a flash sale of some kind to get some business through the doors. That's just not possible with any other medium... it all started with the offer on Facebook.”

Tom Condit - Adapt Metrics

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