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Customer success story

Turners Group NZ

Turners Cars is the largest used car network in New Zealand with 21 dealer locations nationwide. Turners have been helping New Zealanders buy and sell used cars for over 50 years.


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The goal

Stitch is a Facebook agency partner and specialist advertising and marketing technology consultancy who utilized LeadsBridge to help Turners generate more cost-efficient and higher quality leads. Stitch recommended the utilization of Facebook native lead generation (vs. link ads), resulting in a -68% drop of cost/lead and 5.3X increase in lead volume. LeadsBridge enabled Turners to set-up automated email and SMS responses to deal with the increased amount of Facebook native leads as well as sending automated lead information to their customer service team. This now occurred in real-time vs. a wait of between 1 and 12 hours. It took just two days – from briefing to full implementation. LeadsBridge proved incredibly simple to implement and non-disruptive with no IT or developer

Amazing results!

“We’re on a journey to improve our digital lead generation and nurture capabilities. And of course we want to go faster than our resources will allow. Partnering with Stitch enabled us to use their experience & knowledge to build a picture of what we needed to achieve our objectives, as well as helping to develop a fast path to get there. A great example of this is where utilizing Leadsbridge provided a quick, painless solution to increase response times in our leads to the sale process, resulting in a +38% lift in interactions with leads. And it keeps building towards the ideal picture of what we need to achieve our objectives.”

Sean Wiggans, General Manager – Marketing, Turners Group NZ

Success story provided by Stitch

At stitch, we believe in moving fast and breaking down silos by integrating data to deliver better customer experiences for our brands. Facebook helped us achieve native data capture from Facebook, which drove 5.3X higher lead volumes and a 68% lower cost per lead. Leadsbridge helped us deliver multi-channel marketing automation via email and SMS that drove a 38% increase in post-lead interaction. This, in turn, generated more cost-efficient business outcomes for Turners.

– Adnan Khan, co-founder & managing partner, stitch

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