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Online-to-offline tracking

Keeping track of all your conversions isn’t an easy task. We’re here to offer a simple yet powerful solution. Attribute conversions to online advertising for accurate omnichannel campaigns.

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Bridge the gap between online and offline conversions

Connect your marketing stack with tools like Facebook Conversions API, Google Offline Conversion Tracking for a better, more accurate view of your funnel. Bring offline conversions to the online world and optimize your marketing strategies, reduce ad spend, and track the real ROAs of your advertising.

What is online-to-offline tracking?

Online to Offline Conversion Tracking provides companies such as retailers, enterprises and call centers with an easy way to track conversions that could not be tracked online and combine those signals with their online marketing data.

Works with appointments, in-store purchases and micro-conversions that pop up in the marketing funnel.

Understand how many sales are driven from your campaigns

The issue with tracking marketing data in an online setting is that you’re not getting the full picture. Although you’re still making sales offline, it’s nearly impossible to track exactly what online campaigns are doing the job, and which ones aren’t…until now.

With LeadsBridge, you can integrate your conversion data with Facebook Conversions API and Google Offline Conversions Tracking directly.

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Are you ready for the cookie apocalypse?

Ad blockers and limitations recently introduced by browsers prevent the correct use of tracking cookies, regardless of the precautions of companies in guaranteeing the right of privacy to their users.

Despite the cookie problem, you will have a secure and resilient solution, using a server approach instead of third-party cookies. Automate it with our platform in minutes.

Gain more visibility on your in-store purchases with Google Store Sales

Google Sales Store is a free program that offers increased visibility into which of your Google Ads campaigns are producing in-store purchases.

Store Sales allows advertisers to incorporate their own data to get full visibility of their ad campaigns, and understand the total omnichannel ROAS to optimize customers’ segmentation.

In order to access the Store Sales program, you have to:

  1. Check eligibility based on your business type;
  2. Get in touch with a Google Ads representative such as LeadsBridge.

New Facebook Conversion Leads optimization

Meta recently released a new feature for Facebook Lead Ads: the Conversion Leads optimization delivery option.

This feature allows advertisers to tell Facebook exactly what they want to prioritize, showing their ads to users who are most likely to become paying customers, focusing on quality rather than volume.

LeadsBridge can help you get started using the Conversion Leads optimization by facilitating the connection between your CRM and Facebook Ads.

In order to use the Conversion Leads optimization, advertisers are required to implement Facebook Conversions API, as this allows for the gathering of performance feedback and helps to improve targeting.

Advanced data hygiene solutions

We implement advanced data hygiene solutions that provide higher matching rates thanks to secure data validation practises. No matter where the data is coming from, we will take care of the formatting, allowing you to truly maximize your marketing efforts.

How Online to Offline Sync works

Step #1

Users watch/click on your ads

Step #2

Users then make a purchase in an offline setting

Step #3

We automatically bridge your CRM/POS/Inventor with Facebook/Google

Step #4

Facebook/Google reports all influenced offline sales into your dashboard

Step #5

Facebook/Google matches advertising data with your purchase data

A robust online measurement solution for offline sales

We offer a real solution that makes it easier to accurately track conversions.

  • Measure the real sales impact of your ads

  • Advanced data formatting and data hygiene

  • Drive more ROAs by recognizing what really works

  • Advanced data & contact segmentation

  • Make data-driven decisions with accurate conversion data

  • Easily connect your offline sales to your online ecosystem

Keep your data secure

Worried about how we manage your lead data? Don’t be! LeadsBridge is secure by design. We will never store or use your lead data for any reason, and our platform is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant. We have top security standards and undergo regular penetration testing by independent third parties.

No data storing

We keep your lead data privacy intact at all times. At no point will we ever store any lead data.

Data privacy compliant

GDPR, PCI, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn compliant. See why businesses big and small decide to work with us. Get a trusted partner who cares about regulations and data privacy.

Frequent security audits

We abide by top security standards and undergo frequent penetration testing organized by third-party testers.

Consent-based marketing

Making consent-based marketing the most scalable, efficient, and safest method for customer acquisition.

Get the full story of your advertising campaigns

Start bridging the gap between your online and offline campaigns

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