Of retail sales still take place offline

Of offline sales are digitally influenced

75% of local searches turns into a store visit within 24 hours

In average ROAS when considering offline revenue

A robust online measurement solution for offline sales

Measure the real sales impact of your ads

Turn advertising insights into actions

Drive more ROAS recognizing what really works

Advanced data & contacts segmentation

Automate data delivery & retrieval

Direct bridge with CRMs, POS and inventory systems

Advanced data formatting and data hygiene

How Offline Conversions works with LeadsBridge

Step #1

Users watch/click on your Facebook Ads.

Step #2

Users purchase offline

Step #3

LeadsBridge automatically bridges your CRM/POS/ Inventory with Facebook.

Step #4

Facebook matches advertising data with your purchase data.

Step #5

Facebook reports into your dashboards all influenced offline sales.

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