Generate more leads with the Flowxo + DriveCentric integration
Flowxo / DriveCentric

Generate more leads with the Flowxo + DriveCentric integration

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Quick summary of Flowxo

Flowxo is a chatbot platform that enables you to create bots for your business that work in Messenger, Slack, SMS & Telegram. Chatbots provides a simple way to expand and connect your brand with a huge audience of users.

By doing so, you can collect useful information, by making surveys, polls and asking questions to get usable answers. Then, you can save collected data to different apps such as Google Sheets and Trello, just to name a few. Moreover, you can take the most out of the information you get about the users and tell your story, by sending text and images. This way, conversations feel alive and genuine.

Flowxo help you grow your business by keeping customers informed about news, contents, events and offers, pushing messages to your users at the right time, through the right channel. Moreover, Flowxo helps you chat to your customers directly through your chatbot, pluging it into emails or your helpdesk software (no technical skills required). Flawxo enables you to create a complete, automatic message flow: you only need to build once, and distribute your chatbot on your preferred platforms.

Quick summary of DriveCentric

DriveCentric is a premier customer relationship management (CRM) and internet marketing company based out of Indianapolis and St Louis.

DriveCentric is the premier CRM tool to give your dealership the cutting-edge and connect with your customers on a whole new level.

DriveCentric offers a simple yet powerful interface that anyone can use. Its intuitive design makes it simple for salespeople to do their job, sell cars. No more jumping between multiple confusing systems, DriveCentric consolidates everything into one rich user experience.

What you can do with Flowxo and DriveCentric

Create new DriveCentric leads with Flowxo

Update DriveCentric leads with Flowxo

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