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FrontApp / CompanyHub

Streamline your data management process with the FrontApp + CompanyHub integration

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Quick summary of FrontApp

FrontApp is a solution designed to assist teams in efficiently managing their email inbox. It allows you to bring all communication under the same roof by gathering internal and external messages into a consolidated inbox. Among others, those will be your sales and support emails, SMS, chat and notifications from Twitter and Facebook Messenger. Having a single inbox experience will allow you to improve internal team cooperation, which is an efficient way to improve your customer satisfaction and communication with your clients in general.

FrontApp allows assigning internal dialog around external communication, which the customers cannot see. It’s can also be integrated with a number of existing software ranging from Github to Salesforce, making the communication more organized, timely and responsive. FrontApp messages can be assigned to team members both automatically and manually. People familiar with other email clients such as Gmail and Outlook find the new platform very easy to use as it has also been built like other email clients, but with a lot of extra features and a better UI. Real-time collision detection features help prevent situations in which more than one team member respond to the same conversation. Advanced analytics and complete visibility into team inboxes help in making better and more informed decisions. The reports, at the same time, can easily be exported for even deeper analysis of the information, which isn’t something most traditional email clients offer.

One of the biggest benefits FrontApp has to offer is certainly enhanced collaboration, given that the tool keep your team synchronized behind the scenes. Using it, you can assign the right tasks to the right team member, exchange messages and internal conversations, and follow progress without messy replies, drafts, and CCs. Plus, FrontApp is easy to connect to any app your business relies on, including your CRM tools, project management systems, help desks, and more. The built-in analytics tools allow effective monitoring of performance and automatically track various performance metrics, including messages handled/user, time-to-reply and hourly messages handled.

Quick summary of CompanyHub

CompanyHub is a customizable CRM platform packed with powerful reporting, email sync, and bulk mail capabilities. Created to fit into any industry, CompanyHub CRM is designed to track anything other than just leads, helping companies with their lead management and sales pipeline processes via a unified and centralized platform.

With CompanyHub, users are able to manage leads more effectively by improving conversion rates with powerful features such as: smart follow-up recommendations, 360-degree contact visibility, synchronization and email synchronization capabilities.

Filters and custom fields simplify the organization of users by offering personalized experiences with features such as: mass submission, scheduling and personalized e-mails. Data viewing and reporting helps users to understand and analyze their data more effectively and improve sales performance to exponential levels.

What you can do with FrontApp and CompanyHub

Create new CompanyHub contacts with FrontApp

Update CompanyHub contacts with FrontApp

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