Generate more leads with the Intercom + Marketo integration

Intercom is a Customer Messaging Platform designed to improve communication between businesses and their clients. Intercom enables you to improve your entire marketing with a wide range of tools that allow you to manage the relationship with your prospects.

Intercom can be integrated directly in your website or blog. Thanks to a pop-up icon, your website visitors can make you questions and your team can respond live. Create beautifully designed email marketing campaigns for your leads and clients. Customize your clients’ journey using triggers based on behavior and time. Reduce the need of live support and let your customers find themselves the solutions they need. Intercom allows you to create articles and documentation, that help people discover your services and products.

With Intercom you can easily onboard and upsell your customers with email marketing campaigns, in-app messages and push messages. Intercom lets you set your marketing goals and track your results. The in-build analysis tools allow you to track your campaigns and optimize your marketing.

Marketo is a powerful, Best-in-Class marketing automation software that helps companies improve their businesses, building a strong engagement with customers and leads. Marketo has an impressive and advanced features set designed for companies of any size.

Marketo enables you to manage your leads efficiently, by attracting new potential clients, covert them into subscribers and nurture them. Marketo sales insight With Marketo sales insight you have under control your entire sales process. Thanks to this feature, you are able to optimize your funnel to make more sales. Email Marketing tools Marketo’s email marketing solution helps you build a strong and long-lasting relationship with your leads and customers. Thanks to marketing automation.

Marketo allows you to automatically create many segments within your list, which correspond to different email marketing campaigns. Thanks to marketing automation, you’ll be able to send more relevant content and offers to your leads and clients. Marketo social marketing Marketo enables you to integrate and manage your preferred social media channels within your marketing strategy, which allows you to increase the engagement of your audience on social media.

What you can do with Intercom and Marketo

Create new Marketo leads in static lists with Intercom

Create new Marketo leads in lists with Intercom

Update Marketo leads in static lists with Intercom

Update Marketo leads in lists with Intercom

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March Motors

March Motors specializes in providing good cars for people with not-so-good credit.


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