Generate more leads with the Kayako + Email Grabber integration
Kayako / Email Grabber

Generate more leads with the Kayako + Email Grabber integration

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Quick summary of Kayako

Kayako is a leading help desk and customer service software for businesses and enterprises. The platform unifies your email, social, and live chat conversations together in just one place, making it simple to connect with your audience and provide first-class customer service. Moreover, Kayako helps customer support teams be more productive and improve customer loyalty, by offering a quick, simple and effective support, because the help desk software is specifically designed for modern businesses who want to grow personal customer relationships.

Traditional help desks miss very important features that make unhappy and frustrated customers and team members. With Kayako, everything in managed in one place, so there’s no risk to leave unreplied messages. Employees, managers and team members have the entire business under control, 24/7, and they can easily pick up a ticket or delegate.

Customer support teams need a well-organized, collaborated workspace. Kayako provides team members the ability to send and receive emails through a simple, shared inbox. Moreover, through the live chat, you can engage your customers and respond in real-time to their inquiries, in order to drive more sales. Kayako allows you to see real-time customer activity, in order to offer a tailored, faster and helpful support.

Quick summary of Email Grabber

Email grabber is a powerful email extractor that you can use to extract email addresses from websites. Available for Windows and Mac OSX, without any manual work, this tool scans websites in order to find the email address you are looking for.

How does it work? You can extract email addresses with Email Grabber 2 ways. First of all, you can provide a starting website. Email grabber scans it and collects every email address connected to it. Moreover, you can perform a keyword search, which will be used by Email Grabber to scan the search engine’s results.

With Email grabber you can even guide your search: using level and URL filter, you can keep the search focused on your goal.

What you can do with Kayako and Email Grabber

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