Automatically create audiences from Mixpanel with the Facebook Custom Audiences Integration

Mixpanel is a leading product analysis, that lets you track how people behave in your mobile or web application.

Mixpanel enables you to discover how people use your application. By doing so, you can get the most relevant data you need to improve your app’s performance with mobile & web analytics. Measure engagement. With Mixpanel you can measure the user’s engagement with your app, by tracking time spent on it and actions people take.

Mix Panel tools let you understand every user's journey. Advanced stats will give you an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your app, in order to decide your next improvement to grow your business. Increase customers’ retention Mix Panel allows you to increase retention and get customers come back to by using email and push notifications. Moreover, with Mixpanel you can track sources of web traffic, measure events and page views.

Facebook Custom Audiences are an ad targeting option that allows you to reach a defined group of users with your ads. By targeting a Custom Audience, advertisers can decrease their marketing costs and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns.

The Facebook Custom Audiences allows you to reach and reconnect with customers you already know through Facebook ads. A personalized audience is a list, or group, created by Facebook, based on people who have previously shown interest in your website, company, product, app or services.

Because it is also possible to create a Facebook Custom Audiences of people uploading a customers list (CSV file). By doing so, businesses can reach their leads and clients while they are browsing on Facebook, in order to run a nurturing campaign and offers, with the aim to increase their customers' lifetime value.

What you can do with Mixpanel and Facebook Custom Audiences

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Sense Buzz

Sense Buzz is an innovative international web agency, specialized in social media marketing, with a deep focus on Facebook and Instagram for business. Sharing the experience gained over the years, Sense Buzz helped hundreds of businesses in different markets grow through advertising.




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