Customer success story

Dallas Theological Seminary

Founded in 1924, DTS' mission is to provide seminars, courses and publications about biblical education.

The Goal

Customer's goal was to grow the email file and acquire new donors. Dallas Theological Seminary launched a serie of free online courses, promoteing them to various interest groups through Facebook ads. LeadsBridge automated everything.

The Result


Cost per lead decrease

Product used

logo75x75.png LeadsBridge
Facebook Lead Ads
Facebook Custom Audiences

A big decrease in cost-per-lead

“We saw a big decrease in cost-per-lead through the ability to exclude converted audiences in real-time. Additionally we were able to gather data about the true cost to add a new name to the email file through constantly updating exclusions. LeadsBridge automated something that had taken a tremendous amount of work before, and helped optimize targeting to give better results.”

Jeff Giddens - NextAfter

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NextAfter is a cause-based organization that helps nonprofits grow online fundraising, to reach more people, acquire more donors, and generate more dollars to fund their world-changing work.