Landingi, is the tool to create simple and effective landing pages for your marketing campaigns. Landingi allows you to create landing pages that convert without the help of anyone.

The intuitive editor of Landingi allows you to be independent of technicians or designers because it contains all the elements necessary to create landing pages with both basic and more advanced features. The templates ready in Landingi are more than 100 and the’re all specifically designed for each business. Each template can be quickly edited and modified. With Landingiollect you can collect your customers' data with the Landing forms. Use ready-made templates or create new ones you can add fields, change names or colors and you can do everything yourself, without designers or technicians.

Landingi allows you to test the different landing pages and improve the results A / B tests in Landingi will help you optimize individual elements of the campaign like text, buttons, images or shape and with these all the results of your campaign. Moreover, you can manage the data obtained without difficulty. The Landingi inbox will help you manage the data you've collected. You can filter the results and make a search on the contacts you want to view at the moment. Landingi analytics constantly monitor the most important parameters of your campaign, you can see how many visitors have your landing page, how many actions have been done on this and what is the conversion rate on each single section.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a Customer Relationship Management platform designed for businesses and entrepreneurs who need to manage their contacts’ base with the aim of increasing conversions and sales. What’s a CRM A CRM is a tool that allows you to build a better relationship with your leads and customers, by improving the communication and tracking engagement and sales.

A CRM helps you simplify your tasks. For example, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can easily create email marketing campaigns, analyze data, organize meetings and much more. Moreover, Microsoft Dynamics CRM lets you manage your entire team, by assigning tasks to your team members in order to boost their productivity.

Easy to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides you the most advanced tools for better managing your business, yet it’s easy to use. Moreover, Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates with the entire Microsoft environment, like Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, etc.

What you can do with Landingi and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Create new Microsoft Dynamics CRM leads with Landingi

Create new Microsoft Dynamics CRM leads in static lists with Landingi

Create new Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers with Landingi

Create new Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers in static lists with Landingi

Update Microsoft Dynamics CRM leads with Landingi

Update Microsoft Dynamics CRM leads in static lists with Landingi

Update Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers with Landingi

Update Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers in static lists with Landingi


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LeadsBridge is a set of automation tools designed to integrate businesses' assets with the most popular advertising platforms and lead generation tools.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, LeadsBridge allows companies to securely sync data to/from over 370 CRMs and custom solutions, avoiding any type of marketing interruptions and manual work.


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