Automatically create audiences from LinkedIn Registration Forms with the Instagram Custom Audiences integration
LinkedIn Registration Forms / Instagram Custom Audiences

Automatically sync your leads with the LinkedIn Registration Forms + Instagram Custom Audiences integration

Does LinkedIn Registration Forms integrate with Instagram Custom Audiences? Yes, thanks to our tool! LeadsBridge is a reliable integrations platform that supports you with 380 integrations. Start now connecting LinkedIn Registration Forms and Instagram Custom Audiences

Quick summary of LinkedIn Registration Forms

LinkedIn Registration Forms is a pre-filled form with users' names and email addresses taken from their LinkedIn profile data.

LinkedIn Registration Forms helps LinkedIn event organizer that create events on LinkedIn to get quality leads from LinkedIn events. Since the LinkedIn event registration form is pre-filled, it makes it easier for users to submit the form without having to type in their details manually. Users also have the privilege to choose whether they want the organizers to send them marketing emails or not.

LinkedIn Registration Form is pre-filled, making it easier for users to submit the form without filling it. The leads are also high quality because users' details are retrieved directly from their LinkedIn profiles.

Quick summary of Instagram Custom Audiences

Instagram Custom Audiences is a type of audience that you can create starting from your existing customers. You can target ads to the public you've created on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

You can create an Instagram Custom Audiences to reach people who’ve already interacted with your business, or a lookalike audience to reach new people on Facebook who are similar to your most valuable audiences. Thanks to Instagram Custom Audiences, the advertisers can decrease their marketing costs and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Moreover, you can upload, copy and paste or import your customer list in hash format: this data will be used to find the correspondence between the people on your list and the people on Facebook and Instagram.

What you can do with LinkedIn Registration Forms and Instagram Custom Audiences

Sync Instagram Custom Audiences leads of LinkedIn Registration Forms

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