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Customer success story

March Motors

March Motors specializes in providing good cars for people with not-so-good credit.


New leads


Sales growth

The goal

Setup a campaign to reach in-market car shoppers as well as retarget website visitors. The ultimate goal is store traffic and leads which has been achieved at a level and at a cost the client loves. The kicker is that the leads feed into his CRM and his team can manage them effectively and close more deals! We’ve been able to deliver expenentially more leads than his dealership has ever had before. Through use of the Facebook Pixel/Retargeting/Custom audiences we have been able to reach his shoppers and customers. The beauty of it all came about after connecting his CRM to LeadsBridge which makes the management of all these new leads easy and painless for his sales team. Your support staff helped us integrate with his CRM and customize the fields so that the information is delivered in a clean way.

LeadsBridge cured everything!

“As a former Facebook employee and longtime Facebook marketer for Automotive, we were very excited about the new Lead Ads. But, our clients had a hard time managing the leads we were sending, if they were downloading them from their page at all. LeadsBridge cured everything!”

Keith Turner – Dealer OMG Founding Partner & COO

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