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14 essentials productivity tips for CEO time management

A CEO?s job is to lead and determine the direction in which the company will go, they usually have influence on every department and are required to collaborate somehow. That sounds like a lot of work so of course a CEO?s time management skills should be on point. We?ll talk about some of the best productivity tips from CEOs that we?ve come across.

We share this productivity tips on CEO time management with all of you because we believe that a CEO?s input may be useful for every one of us on time management skills and how to adequately manage the everyday small choices.

Keep on reading about our 14 essential productivity tips for CEO time management!

Productivity tips for CEO time management!

? 1. ?Turn distractions off

Allow yourself to focus on the work you?re doing, to do this you should find the time and context that best allows you to do so.

One of the best ways to do it is to get away from distractions, finding a place where no one will take your attention away from your work.

2. Brain dump

It doesn?t sound very nice but this is one amazing productivity tip! Keep a piece of paper, or a pad, and a pen close to you at all times; this way you?ll have a place to dump your ideas if they pop up out of the blue while you?re working on something else.

This CEO time management hack is great to keep a clear head as it allows you to concentrate on your main task and gives you the tranquility of having but that idea somewhere safe for you to get back to it later on.

3. Automation is your BFF.

Repeating tasks are for machines or monkeys, they are usually very mentally tiring and time consuming so, once you determine that a task is set to be repeated, just find a way to automate it.

A great productivity tip here on CEO time management is to get the details of the process down in detail and then have it on hand every time the task is needed, this way it?ll be a lot easier to repeat it and not feel like a monkey each time you do it.

4. Less is more

Tools are great to help you but too many tools cause hassle and make things more complicated.

This is one of my favorite productivity tips from CEO on time management, use only the tools you really need and the ones that actually provide great value for your workflows.

?5. Group your tasks, concentrate in blocks.

Jack Dorsey?s productivity tip on CEO time management is a great one, he creates days dedicated to a type of work, you could do the same by separating your time in different hours dedicated to specific things.

Checking and responding to your email or Slack in an hour block 2 times a day would lead to better results than checking it each time a notification pops up on your screen.

6.Work smarter, not harder

Switching from one task to the other or taking on ?multitasking? is actually very time consuming, you may accomplish more in a highly focused hour than in a highly distracted day full of different tasks.

As our dear Oprah Winfrey puts it ?That whole thing about multitasking? That?s a joke for me. When I try to do that, I don?t do anything well.? Your attention changes from one subject to the other without allowing you to keep your mind and creative juices flowing correctly, they keep getting blocked or redirected, taking time from you and making you less productive.

Another great productivity tip on CEO time management for working smarter us learning to delegate the tasks that aren?t really yours to get done. Organizing work helps you concentrate and get better results

7.No interruptions allowed

A great CEO time management productivity tip is finding a way to get rid of interruptions. Turning off your notifications, going on airplane mode or using a ?Do Not Disturb? sign in your office door or desktop are some great ways to accomplish this.

8. ?A win for a boost

A great way to get your game on is to find a couple of easy to do tasks and do them first, this productivity tip on CEO time management is meant to give you a confidence boost and fill the start of your day with some positivity so you get all the energy you?ll need to conquer the rest of the day.

9. ?Eat the frog

This one is my favorite thing ever.

productivity tip

As Stefano Merlo, CEO at Noisli, puts it, the frog represents that one task that you absolutely dread, you have no motivation to get it done and you?re probably looking at all the different ways to avoid it and procrastinate all day long.

This CEO time management hack is to actually get it over with right away! Eat the frog, finish your task, get the groove on and take on the other tasks for the day.

The best thing about this productivity tip is that if you actually do it you?ll probably get tons of motivation and positive vibes from accomplishing such task!

10.Set the time to focus

Constraining the time you work in certain tasks allows you to really focus on accomplishing what you?re currently working on and to also have breaks for as long as needed.

This productivity tip on CEO time management refers to actually have deep focus sessions with dedicated work and then relax and liberate your mind.


A great productivity tip from not only CEOs but also from neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki is to take the time to move around and get some physical activity done. Walking to the office, stretching, having a walk or playing sports have a great impact on your brain activity.

As Wendy Suzuki shows on her talk, physical activity has an immediate, long lasting, and protective benefits for our brains. Moving and exercising help you clear your head, refresh, and improve your body and overall health.

12.Do what makes you happy

I feel like this productivity tip gets overlook quite a lot but it?s very important to do things that make you happy.

Hang out with loved ones, or people that make you smile, go for a run, watch a movie or simple get sometime for some well-deserved self-care. Prioritizing and actually making time for what makes you happy will help you get better results.

When we feel good, we are able to work better and have a fresh mind to tackle our daily work-related activities.

13.Take care of what you eat

A great CEO time management productivity tip is to find a way to make eating healthier easier.

Eating healthy translates in better health and, if you?re smart about it, you may also improve your food preparations times by preparing healthy food in advance and in bulk, for example. This is a great practice during which you may enjoy your time cooking and preparing delicious and healthy food and then during your workweek you?ll actually have you food ready to go and won?t be tempted by hunger to go for the no-so-healthy choices.

14.Get your groove on

Music gives us great stimuli to do all different kinds of activities.

A bonus productivity tip from Stefan, LeadsBridge?s CEO, on time management

Stefan says keep your team on the loop is really important for productivity, communicating well with those who need to be informed so you can minimise talking time and get better results as everyone knows their place on what needs to get done.


With great power comes great responsibility, use these amazing productivity tips on CEO time management to get the most out of your time and tackle your everyday responsibilities.

Remember to always leave space for the unexpected! We live in a chaotic world so don?t plan your day airtight, leave some space so you may deal with any unexpected events that may come your way.

How do you tackle your everyday tasks? What are your best productivity tips on CEO time management?

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