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Sync your Facebook Lead Generation Ads


Lead Ads is the new ad type recently introduced by Facebook that lets you easily collect leads thanks to their prefilled forms.

The problem with Lead Ads is that you can’t store these leads anywhere other than a simple CSV that Facebook lets you download.

LeadsBridge connects your Lead Ads campaigns to your CRM tool/Autoresponder and lets you import them instantly, all without having to manage CSV files.

With LeadsBridge your marketing automation is safe. You can run Lead Ads campaigns and instantly send subscribers your opt-in offer, without any complex manual work.

Secure FB Ads
API Integrations

The best way to safely integrate your email marketing software, which means no insecure connections.

Leave the tech stuff to us, so you can focus on your business and on your marketing.

Stored Leads

Your subscribers’ privacy and your privacy are safe. We do not store any leads on our server.

Despite this, you’ll still be able to sync, read and download everything through our interface connected to your Facebook Ads account.


You’ll be surprised by how easy and fast LeadsBridge is.

Simply link your Facebook account and then your CRM/Autoresponder. That’s it! You will then be ready to sync Lead Ads. No tech skills required.

Integrated with over 40 CRMs and Email Marketing software

LeadsBridge syncs Custom Audiences with CRMs, Email Marketing software, Webinar software and miscellaneous tools.

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Start syncing your Lead Ads and Custom Audiences on autopilot and get the most out of your Facebook Advertising