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How to rise your brand through content marketing without a site or blog

By Stefan Des | No Comments | 14th February 2017

This is a special post.

If you follow our blog, you may know that here in Leadsbridge, we strive to help advanced marketers and entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and make more sales effortlessly, by using Facebook Ads.

For this reason, it may surprise you to read an article on our blog about content marketing.

However, having a marketing funnel that works, it is crucial for your business growth. You surely understand that aware the right people about your brand before selling is a turbo-engine for your sale’s process.

Producing information is strictly related to how people perceive your brand, and choosing the right way to promote your contents is probably the first step to bring your business to the next level.

In this article, I will show you how to raise your brand through content marketing, without necessarily having a website or blog.

By testing these strategies on your own business, you will be able to get the most out of your Facebook marketing potential, thanks to amazing tools that many Facebook marketers still don’t know how to use properly.

Let’s go deeper in here!

1) Define the target

Before starting a brand awareness campaign, you should define your target audience. There are many ways to do it, and if you want to discover which target audience fits better for your business, you should test at least the following two methods.

First, if your business already has a page, you can create a Custom Audience of people who engaged with it at many levels.


After building the right Custom Audience, you can create a Lookalike audience of people with similar characteristics and interests among those who follow your page.

They will be the target for your ads.

Second: if you already have a mailing list of your customers, you can create a Custom Audience of them by uploading on Facebook their email addresses.

Go to the audience builder, select “create a custom audience” and choose “customer file” as the source of data.


The system requires you to upload a CSV file or a text file with your customers’ email addresses.

Then, create a lookalike audience and go ahead.

2) Promote a post

After defining the right audience for your ads, it’s time to promote a content.

Let’s start with the “easy” part. On Facebook, you can increase your brand awareness simply by promoting a post.

The type of promoted post may vary from your industry and market. Anyway, I suggest you be creative about the ad format, and generous with the information you offer.


3) Get video views

Facebook video viewership is growing fast. In the far 2014, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that “In five years, most of [Facebook] will be video,” and that’s happening.

Creating videos on Facebook can help companies to present themselves and easily grab user attention.

In a few minutes, it is possible to create an high-quality video that spread virally on Facebook. People like, share, comment videos more than other types of content, and video engagement level is higher than ever.

For these reasons, the cost of promoting a video on Facebook is often very low, in comparison to posts, and you should consider this media within your online marketing.


4) Create Canvas Ads

Canvas is a type of ad that allows you create landing pages optimized for mobile traffic hosted on Facebook.

Internetlivestats.com reveals that 100 smartphones are being purchased worldwide, against only ten personal computers sold within a day.

In today’s world, having a fast-loading content that mobile users appreciate it is crucial if you want to acquire new prospects and clients.

Facebook Canvas is exactly the type of ads that will create a superior engagement with your audience, who browses the web through mobile devices.

Combining videos, still images and call-to-action buttons, Facebook Canvas provides an in-depth advertising experience for users that other platforms can hardly afford.

Generally, Facebook Canvas is used by advanced marketers to replace website landing pages. Anyway, you can easily use it as a content aggregator to feed your audience.


5) Collect leads through Lead Ads

The tools that I listed before are useful because, through them, you can reach more people and track their views and engagement level.

However, for marketers and entrepreneurs, content marketing is just a phase of the process of acquiring new customers and make more sales.

Today, even if you don’t have a site or blog, you can generate leads by using Facebook Lead ads, a type of ads specifically designed to collect leads easily and without a website landing page.

Facebook Lead Ads is probably the most efficient lead generation method, thanks to its fast-loading, prefilled forms. When users click on these ads, they instantly visualize a registration form, without leaving Facebook.

Optin forms are filled automatically by Facebook with user’s data – which are taken from lead’s personal profiles.


The Facebook tracking system allows you to build custom audiences of people who engaged your contents and run a retargeting campaign to get their email.

From your audience building panel, click on “engagement on Facebook” button and create a list of people who have engaged with your content on Facebook.

Facebook will ask you what kind of engagement do you want to use to build this audience, and you can create lists of people who:

  • Spent time watching your videos on Facebook.
  • Opened or completed a form in your lead ads on Facebook (you can use this audience for retargeting those who did not complete your form)
  • Opened your Canvas ads
  • Interacted with your Page on Facebook

The only problem with Facebook Lead ads is that the system stores collected leads into a CSV file that you need to download and upload into your CRM/autoresponder.
However, Facebook Lead Ads can quickly be synced with your CRM or Autoresponder, to send immediate follow-ups or sales call, without leaving leads into a CSV for hours or days!

So, if you want to avoid this manual work and take advantages of Facebook Lead Ads, without compromising lead’s quality, you can use our Leadsbridge’s Facebook Lead Ads Sync.

All you need to do is taking a quick check and discover if your email marketing software is in the list of 50+ CRMs and Autoresponders supported.



Create good contents and build custom audiences of people know your brand, it is crucial for entrepreneurs and marketers.

In this article, I showed you the process to raise your brand awareness on Facebook, without driving traffic to a blog or website.

The process is:

  1. Define the target
  2. Promote a post
  3. Get video views
  4. Create Canvas Ads
  5. Collect leads through Lead Ads

Did you like this post? Feel free to reach out or leave a comment below. I would like to know your thoughts and strategies about brand awareness and content marketing.

Stefan Des

Online marketing consultant since 2006. Co-founder of LeadsBridge and many other growth hacking tools.

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