Don’t give up anymore

The convenience of excel files or google sheets is not comparable to anything in the World. They give you the organization your team needs.

Technology evolves but sheets remain a great asset for every company in the World. We know that.

If sheets are an asset for you…
why leave them out of your CRM?

LeadsBridge takes care of your sheets letting them communicate with your CRM and pushing leads in real-time so you keep up with sales pipelines.

Organize your work and stay focused without compromises.



With your current CRM

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How does it work?

Create a bridge

Create a bridge between your CRM and your XLS,CSV or Google Sheets file.

Use your sheets as always

You or your team update the XLS, CSV or Google Sheets file.


LeadsBridge will store leads into your CRM, as soon as the sheet is updated, in real-time.

Same habits, more flexibility

Don’t worry, be happy! Keep working with your sheets, we take care of updating your CRM

Use sheets to sync two different systems.

Easily organize large teams at scale.

Avoid CRM headache on manually importing leads

The power of your sheets into your CRM.
Stay organized without sacrificing the tools you love.