The New Facebook Pixel Problem

The new Facebook Pixel helps you track conversions, micro conversions, and the behavior of your website visitors.
This helps you create more specific Custom Audiences, and consequently, more effective ads.

While this is a fantastic tool, using it means you have to be a techy or hire a developer to make changes to your website.

Pixel Enhancer Gives Your Site Superpowers!

Pixel Enhancer automatically pushes Standard and Enhanced (custom) Facebook Events, doing the dirty job for you.

Give it 5 minutes and the magic will happen!

(Finally) Track Conversions on Facebook

Set & forget Standard Events management, no tech skills required. Track conversions and micro conversions with no headache.

Track Visitor Behavior

Track how visitors use your website, creating specific Website Custom Audiences, and retarget them with specific offers.

Improve Your Advertising Efforts

Website-visitor targeting is the cheapest (and best) tool you can use on Facebook. Pixel Enhancer pushes this targeting to the next level.

Drastically improve your targeting with Pixel Enhancer

What Can You Do with the Pixel Enhancer?

Create better Lookalike Audiences

Retarget customers who didn’t complete their orders

Discount products in abandoned carts

Upsell your customers

Get viral with the most engaged visitors
(coming soon)

Recover your search engine traffic
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Increase your proactive fans

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Get cheap and highly responsive leads
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And a lot more...

How it works?

Step 1


Create your LeadsBridge account and set up Pixel’s rules.

Step 2


Install the LeadsBridge script on your website.

Step 3


Create ultra-targeted ads and get results!

Welcome to the New Era of Facebook Advertising!

Better tracking, better conversions, better audiences, better results.