Redefining your inbox
as a Lead Gen tool

Email is still the king. Whatever strategy you are using, you get leads in your inbox from multiple sources that cannot actually be synchronized with your CRM.

InboxLeads solves this problem and lets you store leads into your CRM simply cc’ing an email address

Meet the golden goose of Lead Generation

LeadsBridge integrates your CRM through a simple email address and let you collect leads anywhere, anytime and in real-time.



With your current CRM

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Integrate your personalized email address

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How does it work?

Create a bridge

Create a bridge between your CRM and the LeadsBridge InboxLeads email.

Email BCC

Just CC or BCC email address in any conversation to import leads.


LeadsBridge will store leads into your CRM, instantly.

One email address, endless capabilities

Store leads as soon as you get the intro.

Collect leads through business cards.

Collect leads at your conference speeches.

The easiest way for large teams to keep up with generated leads.

Your Inbox is a lead gen source.
InboxLeads lets you use it as it really is, at scale.