Inbox Notifier

Receive your leads in your Inbox. Get an email for every lead you collect through Lead Ads and take action with the best timing ever. Let your Sales team receive the right lead without any manual forwarding, and send a Welcome mail to let the lead know you care.

How it works

Here’s a quick video that demonstrates LeadsBridge’s Inbox Notifier.

Why you’ll love it?

CRM + Email = the best fit!

Connect your CRM without renouncing to the fastest Email Notification.


Because timing is not important, is crucial.

Support your customers

Reply to the lead immediately, more speed more deals.

Reply as they come in

Are you an agency? Send an email to your customers when a lead is received. Cool isn’t it?


Emails for your leads as well! Impress your leads with a Welcome Mail or even a coupon!

Send emails

Emails to multiple recipients, for you, your employees, and your salesmen too!

Start using Facebook Lead Ads as it is meant to be

What's Next?

Surveys & Market

In-depth analysis of your Lead Ads’ Questions responses.
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Custom Audiences

Create evergreen Custom Audiences – always up to date, always fresh.
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