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LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms is a solution that helps you drive high-quality leads from your Sponsored Content campaigns on Linkedin. These ads are particularly useful thanks to a design optimized for mobile devices. According to LinkedIn, 80% of involvement with sponsored content takes place on mobile devices. This creates a barrier when it comes to lead generation, because many users will not take the time to fill out a form.

Once submitted, you would have a record that can include each person’s name, email, company name, job title, location and more. Additionally, you can choose to include a thank you message on each form which could include a link to your website or additional content.

Lead Gen Forms prove you can ask for more information from people without killing conversion rates. This gives you the chance to collect more data without hurting conversions but also choose which kind of information to collect and create advertising campaigns accordingly. Moreover with the Lead Gen LinkedIn modules, the forms are automatically filled in with the information in the users' LinkedIn profiles, thus eliminating the extra work that the user had to do manually. For example, if you want to run an ad on LinkedIn promoting a free download from your website, each user who clicks on that ad will see the Lead Gen form. For example, if you want to run an ad on LinkedIn promoting a free download from your website, each user who clicks on that ad will see the Lead Gen form.

Salesforce is a leading CRM solution designed to grow your business and increase your sales volume. Salesforce helps small businesses and enterprises to connect with their customers’ database, by managing all interactions with their customers and leads. By doing so, you can improve their engagement with your brand, and promote your products and services more efficiently.

Salesforce provides many integrated solutions for many aspects of your business. For example, many CRMs allow you to send emails to your contacts and track their interactions with your brand. However, Salesforce also enables you to access to the Marketing Cloud, a tool that you can use to create multichannel marketing campaigns across email, mobile, social and much more.

With Salesforce you can explore data that matter for your business in real-time, in order to get answers instantly and take action. Salesforce’s Community Cloud lets you create and manage communities, connecting customers, business partners and employees. This makes it easy for everyone to get the information they need, fast. Sales Automation SalesCloud has been called the “sales force automation” tool because it speeds the entire sales process on auto-pilot and helps you get more leads and close more deals.

What you can do with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and Salesforce®

insert actions list
Insert Leads in Lead Sources
Insert Leads in Campaigns
Insert Leads in List Views
Insert Leads in Tags
Insert Leads in Reports
Insert Contacts in Lead Sources
Insert Contacts in Campaigns
Insert Contacts in List Views
Insert Contacts in Tags
Insert Contacts in Reports
Insert Cases in Lead Sources
Insert Cases in Campaigns
Insert Cases in List Views
Insert Cases in Tags
Insert Cases in Reports
Insert Opportunities in Lead Sources
Insert Opportunities in Campaigns
Insert Opportunities in List Views
Insert Opportunities in Tags
Insert Opportunities in Reports
Insert Accounts in Lead Sources
Insert Accounts in Campaigns
Insert Accounts in List Views
Insert Accounts in Tags
Insert Accounts in Reports
Insert Person Accounts in Lead Sources
Insert Person Accounts in Campaigns
Insert Person Accounts in List Views
Insert Person Accounts in Tags
Insert Person Accounts in Reports
update actions list
Update Leads in Lead Sources
Update Leads in Campaigns
Update Leads in List Views
Update Leads in Tags
Update Leads in Reports
Update Contacts in Lead Sources
Update Contacts in Campaigns
Update Contacts in List Views
Update Contacts in Tags
Update Contacts in Reports
Update Cases in Lead Sources
Update Cases in Campaigns
Update Cases in List Views
Update Cases in Tags
Update Cases in Reports
Update Opportunities in Lead Sources
Update Opportunities in Campaigns
Update Opportunities in List Views
Update Opportunities in Tags
Update Opportunities in Reports
Update Accounts in Lead Sources
Update Accounts in Campaigns
Update Accounts in List Views
Update Accounts in Tags
Update Accounts in Reports
Update Person Accounts in Lead Sources
Update Person Accounts in Campaigns
Update Person Accounts in List Views
Update Person Accounts in Tags
Update Person Accounts in Reports
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R&R Sales

R&R Sales sells certified pre-owned vehicles. Starting on a small lot just south of the famous Orland Arch, the dealership now has convenient locations in Orland and Chico in California’s Northern Sacramento Valley.


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