Scaling your business shouldn’t be blocked by an integration

We know that you might use systems not integrated yet. That’s why LeadsBridge takes care of your leads, integrating your landing page software with your preferred CRM or Email software, without compromises.

Landing pages
are the best way to generate leads...
don’t give up on the last task

LeadsBridge protects your landing pages syncing them with the CRM or Email
software you currently use.




With your current CRM or Email Software

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Integrate the tool you love

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How does it work?

Create a bridge

Create a bridge between your landing page software and your CRM.

Collect Leads

Leads register through the form of your landing pages.


LeadsBridge will store them into your CRM, as soon as they click the submit button.

Focus on your business, not on clauses

Use the tool you love, without compromises.

We love integrations. Let us solve your tech problems, so you can focus on your business.

Avoid stupid interruptions and keep your funnel going. Automatically.

Sync your preferred Landing Page software with your CRM
or Email tool and stay focused on your business