Welcome your leads

Deliver a Welcome mail to your leads and start the conversation as soon as the lead subscribes.

If your CRM doesn’t have the capability to sends email, you’ll love this solution that can be used in two ways:
• Deliver your Lead Magnet/White Paper right away.
• Inform your leads that you received contact details and that you’ll get in touch soon.

Coupons Delivery

Deliver unique coupons and collect tons of leads!

Insert your coupons’ list into LeadsBridge and send them to your leads as soon as they subscribe.

Increase your Mailing List and your sales through Lead Ads with LeadsBridge.

Ideal for

E-commerce businesses

Deliver a single-use coupon to the lead to increase sales and upsell your customers

Book Authors

Build your list using Lead Ads + an Amazon coupon!


Your creativity, finally supported. 

Product launches

What’s best of a Product Launch supported by a Lead Ads campaign?

CRM users

Come on! Your CRM doesn’t send emails to your leads?

Software Companies

Increase free trial using a two-step funnel. Lead Ads + LeadsBridge Welcome mail!

Start using Facebook Lead Ads as it is meant to be

What's Next?

Surveys & Market

In-depth analysis of your Lead Ads’ Questions responses.
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Custom Audiences

Create evergreen Custom Audiences – always up to date, always fresh.
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