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Lead Sync

Forget about tedious CSV files. Synchronize all your lead data automatically.

Audience Targeting

Target and retarget custom audiences between your CRM and other marketing tools.

Online-to-Offline Tracking

Get accurate conversion data by tracking leads in both an online and offline setting.

Custom Integration

We develop custom integrations, providing premium support and a dedicated team of experts.

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Unlike many integration platforms out there, we offer highly specific integrations to make your advertising and marketing experience seamless and headache-free. Our platform is designed specifically for marketing and advertising integrations, ready at the click of a button.

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We are partners for Facebook Lead Ads Sync

Our solution is a top-notch choice, so much so that we are partners for Lead Ads Sync within Facebook Business App Store.

Thanks to our platform, you can rely on seamless integrations between Facebook Lead Ads and the rest of your marketing stack. No more headaches, no more wasted time. Lead data gets synced immediately with Facebook Lead Ads, guaranteeing you uninterrupted and instant control over your lead generation automation.

See for yourself why we’re a long-time Meta Business Partner, chosen by so many businesses around the world.

Among the first partners for TikTok Lead Generation

Our customers asked and we delivered: We are excited to announce that our integration with TikTok Lead Generation is LIVE!

Now, directly within your TikTok Ads Manager account, you can easily sync TikTok Lead Generation campaigns to your favorite marketing and advertising platforms, right after you’ve created your instant form.

This solution empowers businesses to connect directly with audiences while safeguarding the information of the community and securing users’ data.

No more downloading and uploading heavy CSV files! With our TikTok integrations, lead data will be synced automatically, safely and in real time, all the time.

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We empower you to connect all your company’s systems (CRM, CDP, DWH, call center, and more) to seamlessly receive or send leads. On top of that, we offer cutting-edge optimization tools to help you target highly responsive users and skyrocket your conversions.

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Find your ideal solution for accuracy and efficiency in lead generation. Set your campaigns on autopilot and make better, more marketing-driven decisions. With our easy integrations, you can create your very own marketing ecosystem and get a bird’s-eye view of your sales funnel.

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