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By Susana Mora Di Mare | How to Boost Productivity | No Comments | 10th September 2018

Zillow is a real estate and rental marketplace that provides data, inspiration and knowledge to consumers while also allowing them to get in touch with local professionals who may help them in their research for a new home. Real estate agents could get a lot of great results by learning how to use and list […]

By Luke Ramassa | Smart Tips for your Business | No Comments | 7th September 2018

An optimized Google my Business listing for your car dealership will enable you to rank high in Google search engine result pages. As a car dealer, your business mostly relies on local customer traffic. Google is the best place to get foot traffic to your car dealership. You know why? Over five billion searches are […]

By Susana Mora Di Mare | Guides | 1 Comment | 4th September 2018

Networking is a crucial part of any professional’s career, that’s why LinkedIn has seen such a success in the social network world and knowing how to take advantage of this tool and how to download your LinkedIn contact list and importing them into your contact manager database will help you get your game to a […]

By Mark Cirillo | Guides | No Comments | 30th August 2018

You know those moments when you are so grateful for the existence of Google because it saves your life in so many ways that you wonder how people could have ever lived before the Internet? Well, that’s exactly how we feel about content marketing when we think about how much it has saved the lead […]

By Luke Ramassa | Smart Tips for your Business | No Comments | 23rd August 2018

You’ve probably heard about building leads online through content marketing and other tactics. But what if you could take things one step further and actually increase foot traffic to your business, through online promotion. Well, that’s exactly what you can do if you maximize the potential of social media when marketing your car dealership. Since […]

By Susana Mora Di Mare | Smart Tips for your Business | No Comments | 22nd August 2018

The familiarity that traditional tools such as Excel and Google Sheets provide for businesses and professionals is not something to be underestimated. These tools are often overused for tasks they’re not really meant to do. Statista shows us there’s still a considerable amount of people that use spreadsheets in the work environment, with CRMs being […]

By Anna Hubbel | Facebook Ads tips | No Comments | 21st August 2018

Nobody’s perfect. But Facebook ad creatives should be. All it takes is one moment to capture the attention of a browsing Facebook user. If your ads aren’t perfect, you risk losing a potential customer. Yes, perfection takes work. But it’s certainly not impossible when it comes to Facebook ads. There are only five main elements […]

By Luke Ramassa | How to Boost Productivity | 1 Comment | 14th August 2018

Are you finding it hard to generate real estate agent leads for your business? If your answer is yes, then it is probably because you don’t know how to promote your real estate business effectively. Promoting your real estate business is everything. It takes more than a website and social media profiles to attract, engage […]

By Luke Ramassa | Guides | No Comments | 11th August 2018

If you are a seasoned marketer, there is a high probability you use Facebook ads to grow your business. To keep advertising safely on Facebook, you need to know all about GDPR and Facebook. Sure you are wondering what GDPR and Facebook have in common. Before we delve into that, let’s look at the meaning […]

By Susana Mora Di Mare | How to Boost Productivity | No Comments | 11th August 2018

Being a business owner is no monkey business so why not use the best apps for business owners to save time and boost productivity? Long hours and hard work are part of your routine most of the time, and you probably handle all sorts of different situations and areas of expertise. Being able to do […]

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