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By Gabriel The Architect | Facebook Ads tips | No Comments | 21st March 2018

The usual strategy of promoting cars has been through television advertisements, Newspaper & Magazine advertisements, etc.  But things are changing. Car dealers are now promoting their brands through the social media networks. The recent social media trends study by Digital Air strike revealed that 75% of car buyers and 68% of service customers say internet […]

By Malaika Nicholas | Facebook Ads tips | No Comments | 27th February 2018

Let’s say I’m running a Facebook ad campaign and I’m offering to give you a helpful ebook that will help you accomplish a business goal. Which Facebook ad copy would you find more compelling? “Get a free ebook on how to increase revenue with a tight budget.” Or…. “Boost your small business sales, even if […]

By Dario Villi | Smart Tips for your Business | No Comments | 22nd February 2018

Generating leads for your business it’s key to the health of your business as much as exercising is key to the health of your body. It’s not something you want to overlook. But simply having a lead generation strategy is not enough. Exactly how practicing the wrong way over time can lead to more harm […]

By Mark Cirillo | Facebook Ads tips | No Comments | 6th February 2018

    If you use Facebook Lead Ads to collect leads, you probably have noticed that now you can set up a brand-new type of thank you screen. P.s… If you don’t know ANYTHING about Facebook Lead Ads and you want to kick-start your first campaign, here’s a step-by-step guide that will guide you through […]

By Dario Villi | Guides | 2 Comments | 19th January 2018

When we first heard about Quora we couldn’t possibly imagine the impact it was going to have on our business. We knew many marketers were using the platform to generate more traffic (and leads) to their websites, so we decided to test it as well. We had a lot of valuable insights to share about […]

By Susana Mora Di Mare | Smart Tips for your Business | No Comments | 16th January 2018

Lead generation can be a tricky business. There are many different platforms and tools that allow you to collect leads, but, nowadays, one of the biggest issues for businesses is the inability to connect their most-used tools in order to establish a solid and smoothly flowing lead generation system to boost your sales funnel. An […]

By Constantine Rozenshtraus-Makarov | Facebook Ads tips | No Comments | 9th January 2018

Being a marketer you probably have struggled with a dilemma: whether email or social media is more effective in communicating with customers and prospects. Well, who told that there is a winner? These are two completely different channels, each having strengths and weaknesses, but working together they can greatly increase the overall success of your […]

By Susana Mora Di Mare | Smart Tips for your Business | No Comments | 27th December 2017

Lead generation landing pages allow you to collect visitors and potential clients’ information by asking them to fill a form. Unbounce published their Conversion Benchmark Report 2017, where they analyzed 64 284 landing pages from various industries with more than 74 million total visitors, from which the average conversion rate for a landing page is […]

By Mark Cirillo | Smart Tips for your Business | No Comments | 18th December 2017

It is becoming increasingly difficult to generate leads these days. Most marketers are struggling to generate leads for their businesses. While some managed to generate a low quantity of leads, others generate leads that are unqualified. Gone are those when visitors will willingly drop their email address to join email lists. In fact, 63% of […]

By Dario Villi | Smart Tips for your Business | No Comments | 17th December 2017

Lead Generation is one of the most important activities for your business. You probably know that by now. It’s what allows you to multiply your sources of prospective clients, increase sales and scale your business, but also receive feedback, optimize your offer and better communicate with your audience. It’s a wide process that involves many […]

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