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The 5 ultimate car dealership marketing strategies to increase your website traffic

The biggest priority of a car dealership is to increase lead volume and conversions. This is not possible unless you increase your website traffic. You need car dealership marketing strategies that will increase your website traffic and increase your leads and sales.

However, creating a car dealership marketing strategy that will increase website traffic is far from being easy. This is because the competition in the automotive industry is high and things are changing continuously.

To help you increase website traffic, we have compiled five car dealership marketing strategies.

Here they are:

1.Car dealership marketing strategies: Connect with fans on social media

The first car dealership marketing strategy is the social media networks. If your dealership is not on the social media, you are leaving money on the table. Do you know about two-thirds of Americans use social media? This shows that your audience is already on the social media networks. It is a great car dealership marketing strategy that will make it easy for you to increase website traffic without struggles.

With the social media platforms, you can:

a.Promote your content to increase website traffic: One of the best things you can do on social media is to expose your content to more people, especially your target audience. It will help you educate them about what you offer them. Once your blog post goes live on your website, promote it on your social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Below is an example of a blog post shared on the Facebook page of Dan Wolf Toyota of Naperville.

increase website traffic

b.Connect with customers to build relationships. The social media networks are great platforms you can use to build relationships with people who have done business with your car dealership and your prospects. You can answer their questions and also engage with them constantly.

c.Reach new prospects. Social media networks are a great place to meet potential customers. Promote your content to prospects who are likely to convert. This will help you increase your website traffic tremendously.

The next car dealership marketing strategy to increase website traffic is email marketing.

2.Car dealership marketing strategies: Email marketing

The second car dealership marketing strategy that can increase website traffic is email marketing. Email marketing is a popular strategy used by most businesses. It will help to increase your website traffic and also convert the traffic into leads. Mailgen reported that 89% of marketers said the email was their primary channel for lead generation. Apart from increasing website traffic, email marketing also, helps you to build relationships with your audience.

The following tips will help you create a strong car dealership marketing strategy using email marketing.

a.Collect emails at every opportunity

Putting up opt-in forms on your website is where to start. But you need to do more than that. There are so many opportunities to collect emails online and offline such as through loyalty programs, service counter, promotional events and through contact info before a test drive.

b.Address your audience personally

Personalized emails have higher response rates than the ones that are not. It is the same with personalized headlines. Address your audience directly by their name, e.g. Dear John instead of using Dear Sir.

c.Make it easy for your audience to share your email messages with their friends. Add your social media network addresses to your email newsletter, so it will be easy to share with families and friends. This will help you increase website traffic tremendously.

The next car dealership marketing strategy that can increase website traffic is Quora marketing

3.Car dealership marketing strategies: Quora marketing website

The third car dealership marketing strategy is Quora marketing. Quora is a powerful tool that can increase website traffic and build your personal brand. Quora is a question-and-answer website that was founded in 2009. It has over 100 million monthly visitors.

Increasing your website traffic using Quora is not as difficult as it seems. But foremost, you need top quality content on your website and you need to spend a considerable amount of time on the platform answering questions. Below are steps you can follow to increase website traffic using Quora.

a.Search for questions on automotive to answer. The first thing to do is to search for questions on automotive topics that have lots of views and upvotes.

There are different topics on cars on Quora as seen below:

increase website traffic

Click the applicable topic and search for top questions.

b.Write in-depth answers on questions and link back to the most helpful post on your blog and to other useful and relevant information.

Writing a quality answer is very important. If your answer is top quality, you will get the most upvotes. If you get the most upvotes, you will get to the top position on the page. That means more views and an increase in website traffic.

c.Use images to enhance the answers

4.Car dealership marketing strategies: Guest blogging

Guest blogging is another car dealership marketing strategy you can use for your business. It is a popular strategy that can increase website traffic tremendously. It entails publishing blog posts on a blog other than your own. It works because it positions you directly in front of your audience.

Publishing guest posts on popular and authoritative blogs will help you build relationships with other blogs in your niche and also with their followers. Guest blogging enhances your online authority and helps you build backlinks essential for your website SEO ranking.

Below are tips that will help you to it right.

a.Search for websites that accept guest blogs in your niche on Google. You can use search strings such as:

car dealership + write for us

car dealership + guest post

car dealership + contribute to

Get as many websites as possible and sort them out by filtering out websites with low domain ratings. Use websites that have 60+ domain rating and above.

b.Choose websites that allow at least two to three links. One link back to your website within the content and one or two in the bio section. This will enable you to increase website traffic back to your blog.

c.Create top-quality content that will help to increase website traffic. The only way you can increase website traffic through guest blogging is to make sure the audience of the website you are writing for falls in love with your content. They will surely check out your bio afterward.

5.Car dealership marketing strategies: online Ads

The last car dealership marketing strategy you can use for your business is online Ads. There is a variety of ads you can use to increase website traffic to your website. They are:

a.Facebook local awareness ads

The Facebook local awareness ad type will enable you to easily find new customers in your neighborhood by targeting your ads to people close to your car dealership business. This is because a car is a product that people buy in person, so it makes sense to direct them to your car dealership store.

Below is an example of a typical Facebook local awareness ad from Diamond Valley Honda below.

increase website traffic

When creating the local awareness ads, make sure you include a call to actions within the ad. It can be Get Directions or Call Now, which will help show your prospects how to locate your store or to get in touch with your car dealership.

b.Facebook offer claims Ads

Besides, Facebook local awareness ads, there is also Facebook offer claims ads. It is a powerful promotional offer ads you can offer to increase your website traffic. With this ad, you can give your customer discount or special deals. You can also offer a giveaway just like Nissan of LaGrange did below:

increase website traffic

You can add a lead form for users to sign up for a test drive so they can enter to win a prize. This can lead to an in-store visit or even a sale. It is also a great way to collect emails.

c.Pay per click ads (PPC)

PPC ads is another type of ads that will increase your website traffic, especially when it is hyper-local geo-targeted to a location around your car dealership shop. Make sure you create an ad to let people know how close your car dealership is to them. Use ad schedule that matches your dealership business hours and use near me keywords in your ad. According to, 68% of consumers rely on online search to find a dealership.


Above are five car dealership marketing strategies that will help to increase your website traffic. Have you tried any of them before Share with us in the comment section below.

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