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The complete guide to DealerSocket CRM for car dealerships

Dealersocket crm review

From the initial handshake to the final signature, streamline your sales process to enhance transparency and improve reporting. Monitor key performance indicators, document every sales interaction, and assess the return on investment for each marketing channel.

The top CRM solutions for the automotive industry are those that streamline your operations and promote reliability. A system that’s too complex can hinder rather than help. Knowing your business goals helps you choose the right CRM for you. Of course, not all CRM solutions will be a perfect fit for your business.

If you want to boost your auto company’s operations, you want to consider DealerSocket CRM– a customer relationship management solution that has been a popular platform among numerous automotive businesses. 

Besides boosting your customer service management, it helps you upscale your Facebook ads’ performance and streamline marketing efforts.

This article is about all things DealerSocket. In addition, we will talk about integrations that seamlessly connect the CRM by DealerSocket with Facebook to optimize your advertising.

What Is DealerSocket CRM?

DealerSocket is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) software specifically designed for the automotive industry. It offers a suite of tools and features to help car dealerships manage their sales, marketing, service, and customer engagement processes. 

DealerSocket’s CRM solutions help you streamline your automotive lead management, improve interactions with your customers, and ultimately drive more sales for dealerships.

No matter how good your CRM’s features are, you’ll need to know how well you are managing your data. Discover more about CRM enrichment here.

Why DealerSocket is a must-have automotive CRM

DealerSocket is engineered with essential features for every car dealership. Above all, it provides workflow precision and adaptability.

The CRM is great if you are looking for:

  • Generating high-quality leads 
  • Initiating meaningful dialogues with clients
  • Accessing a comprehensive suite of practical features
  • Effortless management of ad campaigns and deal-closing tools
  • Cloud deployment and robust third-party integrations
  • Eliminating the need for software maintenance and data re-entry.

What makes it really stand out is its ability to support omni-channel communication. It lets you and your team align with each customer’s preferences. This CRM makes for a great choice for you if looking to customize your workflows, such as running follow-ups or managing an event.
Here are some evergreen car dealership event ideas– just in case.

Main Features of the CRM by DealerSocket 

  • Boosting your sales with instant access to important data, while promoting transparency and accountability among your sales team.
  • Marketing tools that help deliver precise messages to the right contacts through the best channels. This ensures your campaigns are always on target.
  • Ability to integrate so that your sales and service teams can create the best customer experience and capture new service revenue opportunities.
  • Pushing your team forward with adaptable solutions designed to meet your specific operational needs.
  • Custom technology for franchise dealerships to nurture your customer connections and consequently increase ROI.
  • A ton of tailored CRM tools address unique challenges for independent and BHPH dealers who focus on selling cars efficiently.

DealerSocket CRM’s pricing

DealerSocket CRM’s pricing is customized to meet the unique needs of automotive businesses. Their quote differs based on factors like the number of users, selected features, and customizations. 

Interested dealerships can contact DealerSocket via their website to evaluate what they might need as CRM features as well as a pricing estimate. 

Nevertheless, G2 offers a visual insight on their pricing on their website, which is solely based on user reviews:

DealerSocket CRM’s pricing

Benefits of DealerSocket for car dealers

DealerSocket’s CRM is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline your operations, improve your customer interactions, and drive your dealership to new heights. Here are some of the top benefits that using this CRM can bring to your business:

Customization is an option

You can tailor the CRM to respond to your dealership’s exact requirements. On the other hand, your customers receive a personalized experience that addresses their specific needs.

Better sales performance

The real-time data and insightful analytics available within the CRM can change your teams’ entire approach to situations. They can strategize, respond to issues, or generate new ideas. An informed attitude toward decision-making across your operations will boost your sales.

Creating engagement that drives results

Segmented campaigns have a 50% higher click-through rate (CTR) compared to non-targeted campaigns. This is also true for most automotive marketing strategies. This tool covers the entire spectrum of customer and vehicle lifecycles, which gives you better customer engagement and potentially higher return on investment.

Establishing optimized workflows 

DealerSocket allows you to automate routine tasks by allowing you to connect it to other apps automatically. Using these integrations helps your sales team dedicate more time to what they do best: selling. That’s why you need automated integrations. 

What’s CRM integration? Find out more here. 

Building stronger relationships with customers

Deepening your connection with customers can improve Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) scores and build loyalty in both sales and service. A strong relationship with your customer base is the cornerstone of building long-term success for your business.

Getting unparalleled support

This CRM is known for its unwavering support and dedicated team. You can also ask for expert advice on sales, marketing, product, and operations to find ways that allow your dealership to thrive.

DealerSocket-Facebook integrations via LeadsBridge

As an official Meta partner, LeadsBridge lets you build smooth integrations between DealerSocket CRM and Facebook. These data bridges essentially streamline data synchronization between the two platforms. 

This seamless connection has a whole range of benefits, from starting a perfect marketing campaign to creating highly targeted audience segments and nurturing the leads you have collected within your CRM. These DealerSocket integrations help your dealership efficiently manage its digital marketing while maintaining a unified strategy across all your digital marketing stacks.

Top DealerSocket CRM and Facebook integrations

Facebook lead ads and DealerSocket integration

Automating the transfer of lead data from Facebook lead ads into your CRM streamlines the lead management process. This allows you to have a system where you can send prompt follow-ups. And when you can collect data directly from Facebook, you’ll also have a smoother automotive lead acquisition process.

DealerSocket CRM and CRM Conversion API integration

This integration lets you prioritize the best audiences for Facebook ad campaigns. By targeting users who are more likely to convert into customers, you’ll have campaigns that perform better. 

DealerSocket CRM sync with Facebook custom audiences

Automatically syncing data from your CRM with Facebook custom audiences is the way to precise targeting. You’ll transfer your CRM (DealerSocket) data to Facebook and, in turn, create high-performing campaigns based on detailed custom audience lists. 

This approach is about creating more personalized advertising experiences. For example, car dealership campaigns that are tailored to the preferences and interactions of your audience.

Learn how to advertise your car dealership on Facebook here.

DealerSocket CRM and Facebook conversions API integration

This integration is a more accurate tracking solution for monitoring actions taken as a result of Facebook ads. It provides insights into user behavior through a server-to-server connection. This is a cookieless method. Instead, it offers a secure way to track both online and offline conversions like in-person visits and service bookings.
Cookieless tracking is an important practice that you need to stay aware of. Just like the FTC car dealerships’ new lead generation rules, which you need to respect in order to avoid violation of community guidelines and having your ads removed or banned. 

Discover the step-by-step guide on how to create a VinSolutions CRM-Facebook integration via LeadsBridge.

Final thoughts

This CRM presents an extensive feature set tailored for the automotive industry. When integrated with Facebook, your business can leverage Facebook’s vast audience and precise targeting mechanisms directly from your CRM (DealerSocket) platform. 

The automated data bridges offer a solid foundation for optimizing operations and engaging automotive customers on a significant scale like Facebook.

Discover robust integrations for automating workflows around your automotive business via LeadsBridge here.

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