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Salesforce Facebook Integration: How to integrate Facebook products with Salesforce

Salesforce Facebook integration produces a dynamic system that cuts across online interactions and networking. Facebook, with its 2.6 million active users, is one of the most popular platforms for businesses. Salesforce has over 150,000 companies using it to grow their businesses.

Salesforce CRM is known to help customers achieve improvement in sales revenue, customer satisfaction, and marketing ROI. This is as a result of an easy-to-use platform where businesses can find and qualify leads, close deals, and grow. It is a CRM framework that combines sales, marketing, help desk, and other business processes in one platform.

FB and Salesforce integration

Salesforce Facebook integration when done correctly sends data gained from Facebook to Salesforce and vice versa. ?In the case of a Facebook Lead Ads campaign, for example, this ensures that the Sales teams get an immediate alert when new leads come in, allowing them to respond quickly to customer’s inquiries through email, phone calls, or online chats.

In this article, you will learn about different Salesforce Facebook integration.

1.  Integrating Facebook Custom Audiences with Salesforce

The Facebook Custom Audiences is a tool that allows you to target people who already know your business with relevant ads. They are your current and past customers, and email subscribers who have excellent knowledge of your business. Targeting these sets of audiences is effective because they are already interested in your business.

There are different ways to create a custom audience on Facebook. This includes using the customer data from your CRM which is particularly effective for CRM retargeting and account-based marketing. Thanks to this integration, Facebook will match the data with users on the platform and provide the percentage of the potential audiences to target.

Below are the benefits of integrating Facebook Custom Audiences with Salesforce.

Benefits of integrating Facebook Custom Audiences with Salesforce

1. Ads created using Facebook Custom Audiences and Salesforce generates high engagement and ad recall.

A series of tests carried out by Salesforce on the effectiveness of advertising targeting based on Customer data revealed that ads created using the Facebook Custom Audiences with Salesforce CRM have very high engagement and ad recall. In fact, most of the ads targeted with Custom Audiences receive 80% higher engagement than ads targeted using other methods.

FB Salesforce integration

2. Marketing automation made easy

Integrating Facebook Custom Audiences with Salesforce will help you to automate marketing and sales processes. This makes it easy to target incoming leads with automated messages such as email and text messages. It will be easy to generate leads, nurture, and score them to increase campaign ROIs. A study by the Annuitas Group revealed that businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.

FB Salesforce integration

DemandGen report also showed that nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads.

3. Increase campaign effectiveness

Facebook has audiences in billions, it will be a waste of money to target every one of these people. Integrating Facebook Custom Audiences with Salesforce helps to create ads that will be shown to people who will probably convert and thus increase campaign effectiveness. Users who will not convert will be excluded from your ad.

How to integrate Facebook Custom Audiences with Salesforce

The fastest way to integrate Facebook Custom Audience with Salesforce is through Leadsbridge. With LeadsBridge, you can create your Custom Audience without having to download your data from your Salesforce CRM or upload it unhashed and manually to Facebook.? Click here to read a step-by-step process.

How to Build a dynamic Facebook Custom Audiences from Salesforce

Facebook Custom Audiences integration with Salesforce through Leadsbridge allows you to build a dynamic Facebook Custom Audience from Salesforce. This implies that the list is updated automatically. For instance, if you have new visitors signing up daily, you don’t have to keep uploading the file manually every day, Leadsbridge refreshes every 6 hours to keep the list updated. An updated list ensures you keep in line with the GDPR requirements which stipulates that audiences targeted for marketing purposes are always updated according to the user consensus to be targeted.

Salesforce Facebook integration with Leadsbridge ensures that your business is compliant. Leadsbridge operates converting personal data in HASHED keys in real-time (in VCPU memory) without storing any sensitive data in any place, offering companies a privacy-safe solution to keep their audiences constantly updated on users? consensus.

2. Facebook Lead Ads and Salesforce integration

Facebook Lead Ads Salesforce integration is another vital Salesforce Facebook integration.

Facebook lead ads use a pre-filled form to collect user’s details, such as their name, email, and phone number. This information is collected from their Facebook profile. This makes it easy for users to fill the form in two steps – Click to open the ads and click to submit them right on the Facebook platform. You can retrieve their details from Facebook and use it to send offers and quotes to them afterward.

Benefits of Facebook Lead Ads Salesforce integration

1. Facebook Lead Ads Salesforce integration makes it easy to collect lead information in real-time. Facebook is one of the largest social media networks, which means you can reach a huge number of audiences in your niche on the platform and collect their data in real-time.

2. It ensures Facebook leads are collected effectively in a secure system and the leads are available for sales, marketing, and customer service opportunities.

3. It saves time. Facebook Lead Ads Salesforce integration saves you the time you would have spent downloading the CSV file from Facebook and uploading it manually to your Salesforce account.

4. It makes it easy to quickly respond to your leads. Once you integrate your Facebook Lead Ads with your Salesforce account, you can quickly send messages to incoming leads as they sign up. This will also increase your conversion because you have only 5 minutes to contact a lead and 78% of customers buy from the first responder. Also, a study by MIT revealed that you can get a 9x boost in conversion rates when you respond to leads in <5 minutes.

How to integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Salesforce

Although auto-filling Facebook Lead Ads forms make it easy to get user’s information, you can only store the information in a CSV file that is downloadable. However, with Facebook Lead Ads? Salesforce integration, you can store your leads immediately into Salesforce, without having to manage a CSV file. This is safe, and it saves time too. Thereafter, you can send welcome messages through the email and other follow up emails to your subscribers. This will help you nurture your leads, close deals, and increase your revenue.

For step-by-step instruction on Facebook Leads Ads Salesforce integration through LeadsBridge, click here.

3. Facebook Online to offline sync with Salesforce

This is another important Salesforce Facebook integration. The Facebook Online to Offline sync is a tool that lets you measure, target, and optimizes your Facebook ads campaigns based on offline transactions.

According to Facebook ?With offline conversion measurement on Facebook, you can track when transactions occur in your physical retail store and other offline channels (ex: orders made over the phone) after people see or engage with your Facebook ad.?

With Facebook Online to Offline tool, tracking offline conversions such as event attendance, in-store visits, offline sales, and phone consultations becomes easy.

Benefits of Facebook Online to Offline sync with Salesforce

1) Track your online sales effectively

With Facebook Online to Offline sync with Salesforce, you can easily track your online sales. It does not matter where your audience saw your ad, in as much as they have a Facebook account, Facebook will match the data stored on your Salesforce account after purchase to track them. This way, it will be easy to distinguish between customers who made purchases online and those who bought in the store.

2) Optimized ads for more sales offline

Although Facebook has data about its users, your Salesforce CRM contains all your customer’s details that Facebook does not know. This is information you can leverage to make more sales by integrating Facebook Online to Offline with Salesforce.

3) Understand the return on investments of marketing channels

Facebook Online to Offline sync with Salesforce allows you to better calculate the return on investment (ROI) of other marketing channels. You will know how many sales generated both online and offline you get from your ads online and it will be easy to know the ROAS of other channels.

How to integrate Facebook online to offline sync with Salesforce

With Leadsbridge, you can connect Facebook Online to Offline tool with your Salesforce CRM. through an integration layer. This enables you to track offline transactions and know the performance of your ads. With it, you can automatically upload your offline customer data in Salesforce to Facebook. It removes the possibility of errors when matching your customer data on Facebook. It also ensures you have up-to-date lists on your Facebook account. It is a much better way to track your offline conversions.

For the step-by-step instructions on how to set up the Facebook Online to Offline tool with Salesforce, click here.


Salesforce Facebook integration allows companies to automate the data sync between Facebook and Salesforce. There are many Facebook products you can integrate with Salesforce, such as Facebook Custom Audience with Salesforce, Facebook Lead Ads with Salesforce and Facebook Offline to Online with Salesforce.

This integration ensures you collect lead information in real-time that your sales team can work with to nurture leads, create high engagement Facebook ads and ad recall, and increase campaign effectiveness by improving your tracking.

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