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Salesforce® Facebook Integration: How to integrate Facebook products with Salesforce®

Salesforce® Facebook integration produces a dynamic system that cuts across online interactions and networking. Facebook, with its 2.93 billion monthly active users, is the most used online social network worldwide. Salesforce®, on the other hand, has over 150,000 companies using it to grow their businesses.

Salesforce® CRM is known to help customers achieve improvement in sales revenue, customer satisfaction, and marketing ROI. This is a result of an easy-to-use platform where businesses can find and qualify leads, close deals, and grow. It is a CRM framework that combines sales, marketing, help desk, and other business processes on one platform.

Source: Salesforce

Salesforce® Facebook integration when done correctly sends data gained from Facebook to Salesforce® and vice versa. In the case of a Facebook Lead Ads campaign, for example, this ensures that the Sales teams get an immediate alert when new leads come in, allowing them to respond quickly to customers’ inquiries through email, phone calls, or online chats.

When you connect Facebook to Salesforce®,  you can collect your leads in a secure system that will make it easy for you to nurture, market, and target them for sales activities.

Here are the most popular Facebook Salesforce® integrations provided by LeadsBridge.

In this article, you will learn about different Salesforce® Facebook integrations.

Integrating Facebook Custom Audiences with Salesforce®

Facebook Custom Audiences is a tool that allows you to target people who already know your business with relevant ads. They are your current and past customers, and email subscribers who have interacted – in one way or another – with your business. Targeting these sets of audiences is effective because they are already interested in your business.

There are different ways to create a custom audience on Facebook. The first and the most popular method is using the customer data from your CRM which is particularly effective for CRM retargeting and account-based marketing. Thanks to this integration, Facebook will match the data with users on the platform and provide the percentage of the potential audiences to target.

Benefits of integrating Facebook Custom Audiences with Salesforce®

1. Ads created using Facebook Custom Audiences and Salesforce® generate high engagement and ad recall.

A series of tests carried out by Salesforce® on the effectiveness of advertising targeting based on Customer data revealed that ads created using Facebook Custom Audiences with Salesforce® CRM have very high engagement and ad recall. In fact, most of the ads targeted with Custom Audiences receive 80% higher engagement than ads targeted using other methods.

FB Salesforce integration

2. Marketing automation made easy

Integrating Facebook Custom Audiences with Salesforce® will help you automate marketing and sales processes. This makes it easy to target incoming leads with automated messages such as email and text messages. It will be easy to generate leads, nurture, and score them to increase campaign ROIs. According to recent reports, 80% of marketers that use automation software generate more leads (as much as 451% more), and 77% of them convert more leads than those that don’t use automation.

Source: APSIS

Another study revealed that 75% of all companies already use at least one kind of marketing automation tool. 40% of those companies that haven’t already adopted marketing automation, plan to do so soon.

3. Increase campaign effectiveness

Facebook has billions of users, it would be a waste of money to target every single one of these people. Integrating Facebook Custom Audiences with Salesforce® helps you create extremely targeted ads that will only be shown to the people who are most likely to convert, increasing campaign effectiveness. Users who are not likely to convert will be excluded from your ad.

How to integrate Facebook Custom Audiences with Salesforce®

The fastest way to integrate Facebook Custom Audience with Salesforce® is through LeadsBridge. With LeadsBridge, you can create your Custom Audience without having to manually download your data from your Salesforce® CRM and upload it unhashed to Facebook. Click here to read a step-by-step process. Or you can watch this short video that shows you exactly how to connect Salesforce® to Facebook Custom Audiences.

How to Build dynamic Facebook Custom Audiences from Salesforce®

Integrating Facebook Custom Audiences with Salesforce® through LeadsBridge allows you to build dynamic Facebook Custom Audiences from Salesforce®. This implies that the list is updated automatically. For instance, if you have new visitors signing up daily, you don’t have to keep uploading the file manually every day. LeadsBridge refreshes every 6 hours to keep the list updated. An updated list ensures you abide by GDPR requirements which stipulate that audiences targeted for marketing purposes should always be updated according to the user consensus to be targeted.

Salesforce® Facebook integration with LeadsBridge ensures that your business is compliant. LeadsBridge operates by converting personal data in HASHED keys in real-time (in VCPU memory) without storing any sensitive data in any place, offering companies a privacy-safe solution to keep their audiences constantly updated on users’ consensus.

Facebook Lead Ads and Salesforce® integration

The connection between Facebook Lead Ads and Salesforce® is another vital Salesforce® Facebook integration.

Facebook Lead Ads collect users’ details with a pre-filled form (pulling data such as their name, email, and phone number directly from the users’ Facebook accounts) directly on the platform, without redirecting users to an external landing page. This makes it easy for users to fill out the form in two simple steps: first, they click to open the ad, and then they click to submit their info right on the Facebook platform. You can retrieve their details from Facebook and use it to send offers and quotes to them afterward.

Benefits of Facebook Lead Ads Salesforce® integration

  1. Facebook Lead Ads Salesforce® integration makes it easy to collect lead information in real-time. Facebook is one of the largest social media networks, which means you can reach a huge number of audiences in your niche on the platform and collect their data in real-time.
  2. It ensures Facebook leads are collected effectively in a secure system and the leads are available for sales, marketing, and customer service opportunities.
  3. It saves time by automating the entire process. Facebook Lead Ads Salesforce® integration saves you the time you would have spent downloading the CSV file from Facebook and uploading it manually to your Salesforce® account.
  4. It makes it easy to quickly respond to your leads. Once you integrate your Facebook Lead Ads with your Salesforce® account, you can quickly send messages to incoming leads as they sign up. On average, the optimal lead response time for following up on a call is 5 minutes, or even less. According to a study, the likelihood of converting leads within those 5 minutes is 10 times higher than if you were to let 10 minutes go by.

How to integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Salesforce®

Although auto-filling Facebook Lead Ads forms make it easy to get users’ information, you can only store the information in a CSV file that is downloadable. However, with Facebook Lead Ads Salesforce® integration, you can transfer your leads immediately to Salesforce®, without having to manage a CSV file. This is safe, and it saves time too. As a result, you can send welcome messages through email and other follow-up emails to your subscribers as soon as they interact with your ad. This will help you nurture your leads, close deals, and increase your revenue.

For step-by-step instruction on Facebook Leads Ads Salesforce® integration through LeadsBridge, click here.

Facebook Conversion API Salesforce® integration

This is another important way to connect Salesforce® to Facebook. Facebook Conversions API is a tool that helps businesses maintain data privacy and deliver personalized advertising experiences to customers and audiences.

According to Facebook “Conversions API is a Facebook Business Tool that lets you share key web and offline events, or customer actions, directly from your server to Facebook’s. Conversions API works with your Facebook pixel to help improve the performance and measurement of your Facebook ad campaigns.”

With Facebook Conversions API, you can control the data you share. This means that you can implement the Conversions API in addition to Pixel and decide what to share and when to share it.

Benefits of Facebook Conversion API Salesforce® integration

1. Sync data from Salesforce® to Facebook Conversions API

With the Facebook Conversions API Salesforce® integration, you can send new Salesforce® records to Facebook as lead events and also create new Facebook Conversions API leads with Salesforce®.

2. Optimized ads for more sales

Although Facebook has data about its users, your Salesforce® CRM contains all your customers’ details that Facebook does not know. You can leverage this information to make more sales by integrating Facebook Conversions API with Salesforce®.

3. Wide array of data to share

With the Facebook Conversions API Salesforce® integration, you have the opportunity to share and sync different types of data compared to Facebook Pixel. This includes CRM data, lower-funnel events, and multi-site conversion paths on a website and offline location.

How to integrate Facebook Conversions API with Salesforce®

With LeadsBridge, you can connect Facebook Conversions API to your Salesforce® CRM through an integration. This connection enables you to send new Salesforce® records to Facebook automatically and in real time.

For the step-by-step instructions on how to connect Facebook Conversions API with Salesforce®, click here.

Why use Salesforce® for lead generation activities?

Lead generation is a process that doesn’t end with the lead giving you their information. That is just the beginning of a much longer, end-to-end process that – when done successfully – ends up with a sale. And sometimes, having to manually deal with this process can be pretty overwhelming. Salesforce® makes this process much easier by automating repetitive activities.

Here’s how to make the most of lead generation by using Salesforce®.

Well-designed landing pages

A landing page is the first “place” leads visit when interacting with your ad. For this reason, it needs to be both interesting to look at and also structured well enough to make it easy for leads to understanding who you are and what you’re offering. If the landing page fails to grab the lead’s attention, it will most likely fail to convert them as well. Landing page design and content are essential to driving conversions, and Salesforce® lead generation landing page builder helps you build effective landing pages.

Active CTA buttons

Having active CTA buttons is crucial to push leads to the next steps in the sales funnel. If a proper Call to Action is missing, leads may get lost and frustrated – not knowing what the next steps are in order to complete a purchase, sign-up for a newsletter, or schedule a call – and end up leaving the website altogether. Salesforce® allows you to create multiple CTA buttons to help you achieve better results.

Relevant content & follow-up emails

A lead that subscribes to your newsletter won’t necessarily end up making a purchase. In order to drive leads from visitors to customers, you need to nurture them with relevant content and check up on them with follow-up emails. With Salesforce® you can automate emails and build personalized workflows with relevant content according to the kind of action taken by your leads.

At the end of the day, Salesforce® and lead generation go hand in hand! This marketing automation platform has endless functionalities that are specifically built to help you streamline and optimize your lead generation activities.

Connect Facebook with Salesforce® for free with LeadsBridge

With LeadsBridge you can build a connection – or a bridge, as we like to call it – between Facebook Lead Ads and your Salesforce® account, and move each lead interacting with your ad for free, automatically, and in real time.

The Free plan allows you to sync 50 leads per month with 1 running bridge. This means that inside your LeadsBridge platform you can potentially have more than one bridge, but you can only have one bridge up and running at a time.

In case you need to sync Facebook Custom Audiences or Facebook Conversions API – or the limits of the Free plan are just too low for you – you can easily upgrade to the Pro plan, which includes a starting point of 3 bridges and 800 leads per month, for $22 a month (paid annually). From there, you can fully customize your plan with as many bridges and as many leads as you need, and the monthly fee will adjust accordingly.


Salesforce® Facebook integrations allow companies to automate the data sync between Facebook and Salesforce®. There are many Facebook products you can integrate with Salesforce®, such as Facebook Custom Audiences, Facebook Lead Ads, and Facebook Conversions API.

When you connect Salesforce® to Facebook, you can collect lead information in real-time. This makes it easy for your sales team to nurture the leads, create high-engagement Facebook ads, and increase campaign effectiveness.

Explore all the integrations available for Salesforce®.

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