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How to set-up a Salesforce® LinkedIn integration with LeadsBridge

salesforce linkedin integration

LinkedIn is one of the most widely used professional platforms in the world, boasting more than 850 million users across the globe. 

Within this vast pool of professionals, approximately 4 out of 5 members possess some form of purchasing power within their respective companies. This makes the use of LinkedIn advertising tools one of the most profitable means of lead generation for businesses.

However, without an effective CRM integration, valuable data insight and sales opportunities can be overlooked. This CRM system will enable the automation of outreach and nurturing, as well as the streamlining and managing of the data that accompanies these activities . 

Throughout this article, you will discover how establishing a Salesforce® LinkedIn integration with Lead Gen Forms and Matched Audiences can elevate your lead generation and data management efforts. 

In addition to a native integration, you will learn how LeadsBridge, an official third party provider, can automate your entire data management process.

The value of Salesforce® as a CRM

Salesforce® is one of the leading CRM softwares on the market today. This management system allows businesses to revolutionize how they communicate with their customers by enabling them to foster more meaningful relationships.

The foundations of these relationships are built upon insightful user data, organized by a comprehensive lead management system

Within the Salesforce® Marketing Cloud, this tracking system will grant your business the ability to run campaigns, manage email outreach, oversee content and acquire in-depth data analytics regarding your LinkedIn lead generation efforts. Integrating Salesforce with your favorite advertising platforms, such as Facebook, allows you to maximize your ads campaigns efficacy, ensuring you yield the best results possible.Sourc

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These analytics are showcased within a highly visual customer data dashboard. By implementing this Salesforce® LinkedIn integration, you can ascertain a greater understanding of customer behavior, the efficacy of your campaigns and where the associated trends lie.

Benefits of connecting Salesforce® with LinkedIn 

LinkedIn provides you with access to a wealth of high-quality marketing data, whilst Salesforce® helps to organize and manage that data in the most intelligent way. 

The benefits of establishing a Salesforce® LinkedIn integration include;

Greater optimization 

LinkedIn is an excellent source of qualifiable lead data, consisting of engaged users. A Salesforce® CRM integration allows for the best possible use of this lead data. By utilizing the Salesforce® data management system, your business can gain a true understanding of their advertising impact and customer insights. 

With LeadsBridge syncing the leads directly from LinkedIn to Salesforce®, you can take immediate automated action to communicate with prospects. This includes notifying the sales team regarding new leads, sending emails to prospects or creating an opportunity within Salesforce®.

From this understanding, a business can alter or enhance their efforts where necessary to create a highly optimized user experience. The more targeted your marketing is, the better your chances of securing conversions. 

Decreased lead creation costs 

Initiating a LinkedIn Salesforce® integration aids businesses in maximizing their lead generation activities, taking full advantage of the marketing capabilities of both platforms.

Having the combined power of these tools, you can gain a greater understanding of prospects and how they interact with your advertising. Therefore, your business can avoid allocating additional funds to secondary tools in order to fulfil customer acquisition objectives.

Effective lead generation

The ultimate goal of every business is to generate quality leads that can fully convert. 

LinkedIn possesses an engaged user base that are actively looking for solutions to improve both their own business, or the business in which they work. By connecting LinkedIn with Salesforce®, you can immediately capture the details of any user that interacts with your advertising.

Your CRM will be updated with this information in real-time, and targeted strategies can be created to progress a lead’s interaction with your business. 

LinkedIn Salesforce® integrations

There are 2 main advertising tools provided by LinkedIn that can be advantageous when paired with Salesforce® capabilities. These are;

  1. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms 
  2. LinkedIn Matched Audiences

Linkedin Lead Gen Forms & Salesforce integration 

Salesforce® and LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are two powerful tools that can be used in tandem to significantly enhance your businesses lead generation productivity. 

Lead Gen Forms is a tool that enables advertisers to attach a form within their ads. Taken from their LinkedIn profiles, the forms are pre-populated with users’ information. 

This tool can be advantageous, not only for acquiring essential customer details, but for improving the user experience. This is due to the decreased number of fields within the form that need to be manually filled.

By creating this integration, you can send a record of Linkedin leads to Salesforce each time a new contact is added from the forms software. This means that your business will always have access to updated contact information. 

Using the Salesforce® Marketing cloud features, you can then automate your targeting efforts to nurture this new lead. These actions include sending triggered emails once a prospect enters each new phase of the funnel. 

How to integrate LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms with Salesforce®

Auto-filling LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms make it easy to get users’ information. However, without the appropriate CRM system the management of this information can become disheveled. 

By connecting this tool with Salesforce® via Leadsbridge,  you can transfer your leads immediately to the CRM. As a result, you can keep track of leads and automate your nurturing tactics, including email outreach. 

LeadsBridge enables you to implement lead gen forms throughout your campaigns seamlessly and promptly, without having to tediously download and move your data to your Salesforce® CRM.

LinkedIn lead gen forms


LinkedIn matched audiences & Salesforce integration

LinkedIn Matched Audiences is a tool that affords businesses the opportunity to build audiences and re-target users from email lists, website visitors, and LinkedIn accounts. 

By uploading a list of contacts from within your Salesforce® database, you can promote your product or service to a predetermined audience of prospects that are likely to convert, including key-decision makers.

The LinkedIn Matched Audiences feature can be applied to sponsored content, sponsored inmail, and alternative LinkedIn ad formats.

This tool allows you to show specific ads to the appropriate audiences. For instance, customers that have engaged with your business in the past, but abandoned their intent, can be shown ads that are solely created to re-engage them. 

As with any form of lead generation, the follow-up is imperative. With a LinkedIn Matched Audiences Salesforce® integration, you can automate your follow-up campaign to ensure leads are being nurtured within an appropriate time frame.  

How to integrate LinkedIn matched audience with Salesforce®

The best way to connect LinkedIn matched audiences with Salesforce® is to do so through LeadsBridge. LeadsBridge enables you to automate the creation of custom audiences, eliminating the need to manually download your data from your Salesforce® CRM and upload it to LinkedIn. 

Key takeaways

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and Matched Audiences make it possible to connect with high-value, high-quality leads, and Salesforce enables your business to target and engage them in a more personalized way with automated marketing action. Therefore, leading to a higher chance for conversion. 

Using LeadsBridge, you can seamlessly establish your Salesforce® LinkedIn integration and begin effectively acquiring leads instantly, leveraging automation to better manage your lead data and ultimately ensure higher revenue. 

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